So I am the owner of a Minecraft network, and last night upon looking through console I am seeing errors from many of my plugins that are claiming that the database they require are missing, and upon logging intophpMyAdmin, I see that all of my databases are gone, however there was one database that was there that I know for a fact I did not create, it was named "QQ_83191575" at first I thought we were hacked, so I loaded by backups and generated a 25+ character password only to find out this morning that the same exact thing happened with the same database and everything. I was curious if anyone knew anything about this? Thank you :)

My private mysql database is also attacked by the same guy early this morning. He also created the same database as QQ_83191575, and all my other database were disappeared. The created database name is his QQ number, one of Chinese local social app. I find his information by his Chinese Tencent QQ number of 83191575. He is from China and he requests money to restore the database, but I don't trust him.
MySQL databases suddenly disappeared. & Ldquo; QQ ...
His avatar is the mask in movie "V for Vendetta", however, it is a shame of his action to blackmail civilian with his technical skill.

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本文标题:MySQL databases suddenly disappeared. & Ldquo; QQ ...

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