Wouldn’t you know it, weeks after Google announced that they’re working on a dark mode for Chrome on macOS Mojave, an engineer has confirmed that a dark mode for windows 10 is coming.

Apple introduced “dark mode” in the latest version of macOS in September last year. The update essentially made everything, well, dark, and bright white apps like Chrome were quite jarring to use.

Windows has supported a dark mode for much longer, but the mode isn’t as refined as Apple’s implementation and isn’t as widely used. This is probably why Google and other developers haven’t added support for a proper dark mode just yet. And as many designers have pointed out, creating a dark mode isn’t as easy as inverting colours.

Developer confirms that Google Chrome will be getting a dark mode on Windows 10

Do you like being blinded every time you open a browser window in the middle of the night?

When creating a dark mode, designers must ensure that design elements like shadows, movement and gradients are carried forward. Failing that, a new design language will be required.

There is a demand for a dark mode, though, and people who tend to spend a lot of time on their PCs and phones generally prefer a dark mode as it causes less eye strain.

As reported by Techdows , Google Chrome Developer Peter Kasting has listed a ‘bug’ in the Chromium project (an open-source browser project that forms that Chrome is built upon) that says,

“Windows 10 allows users to set their apps to "light" or "dark" mode. Chrome should respect this. The most obvious hack is to use the default incognito colour scheme in normal mode (as well as incognito) if the system is in dark mode. Long-term, we should perhaps have a better answer. This has been a popular external request for some time.”

He has also confirmed on Reddit that support for dark mode is in “progress” for desktop. He added that he had no idea about support for dark mode on the mobile version of Chrome since that team was different.

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