I have a web app that is built using Express for node.js. I'm using Jade template files for the HTML displays. In one of these displays I'd like to have the various fields pre-populated with data. The data is being stored in a mongodb session store, as well as in a separate collection in the db. I'd prefer to use the session data to pre-populate these fields in the HTML/Jade displays. How can I go about doing this (if it's possible)?

Add the defaults to res.locals and then set the input elements value attribute in jade.

//node.js app.get('/', function(req, res){ // Sorry I am unfamiliar with Mongo, not sure the syntax... mongo.get('defaults', function(err, body){ res.locals.dName = body.defaultName; res.locals.dFoo = body.defaultFoo; res.render('myTemplate'); }); }); //myTemplate.jade !!! html body form(action='/form', method='post') input#formName(name='name', value=locals.dName) input#formFoo(name='foo', value=locals.dFoo)

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