Welcome to another chapter of enjoying coding with python, in this chapter we are going to explore another website which will help us to improve our python skill by solving various python related problems. I am still not sure what this site is really about yet after I have joined the site a moment ago. Is this site allows the programmer to create a game with python? Or is it just an ordinary site likes those that we have visited previously, we will find it out together later on. But first let us joined this site together through this link.

Before joining the site, make sure you select Python instead of javascript because we are only interested in the python related questions. After you have joined this site, you will feel a little bit confuse on what this site is all about but don’t worry, we will go through it together. First, let us solve the first python problem in this site: > Create a strong password for the site’s account. We will also require to solve a few more python questions besides the first one before we can really get into the game coding business on this site.

The below function will take in the password as a string and return true if it’s length is greater than or equal to 10 symbols, it has at least one digit, as well as containing at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter in it. The password also needs to contain only the ASCII Latin letters or digits. Anything other than that will cause this function to return false. In order to solve this problem, we will need to use the string module. Below is the entire solution.

import string def checkio(data: str): digit_count = 0 lower_count = 0 upper_count = 0 str_list = list(str) if(str_list.__len__() < 10): return False for i in range(len(str_list)): if(str_list[i] in list(string.ascii_lowercase)): lower_count += 1 elif(str_list[i] in list(string.ascii_uppercase)): upper_count += 1 elif(str_list[i] in list(string.digits)): digit_count += 1 else: return False if(digit_count > 0 and lower_count > 0 and upper_count > 0): return True else: return False

After solving the above mentioned problem we will receive 10 points from this site, in these few days we will further explore this site until we truly understand what it is all about.

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