I am making a webpage that uses forms to submit user votes to a mongo database using node. While the code below sucessfully modifies the db, it causes a pending status operation in chrome dev-tools. This prevents all js from running, and after a few minutes the browser redirects to (the non-existant) /v/foo. This problem also occurs when using 'post' rather than 'get' as the method.

index.jade: form(method= 'get', action= '/v/foo') button.vote(type= 'submit')

app.js: app.get('/v/:postID', home.vote);

home.js: exports.vote = function(req, res){ // gets postID from the URL postID = req.params.postID; // gets logged-in user user = req.session.username; // sends postID, retrieves a post with ID postID postdb.findPost(postID, function(post){ // readPost(postID, function(post){ // increments the 'votes' property of the comment by 1 titles.update({postID: postID}, {$inc: {ups: 1}}, function(err){ if (err) throw err; }); // code that calculates current post level and progress goes here (works fine) // updates level and level progress titles.update({postID: postID}, {$set: {level: level, lvlProg: lvlProg}}, function(err){ if (err) throw err; }); accounts.update({username: user}, {$push: {votedPosts: postID}}, function(err){ if (err) throw err; console.log('recorded') }); });

Problem courtesy of: Henry Marshall


Your code doesn't send a response, so the browser gets confused. ;)

Try res.send(200); if everything succeeds.

The HTTP form still expects its request to be closed cleanly and node will happily hold onto that connection indefinitely, if you don't end it with res.send() .

Solution courtesy of: rdrey

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本文标题:form(method='get') works for node.js, but status: pending in dev-tools

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