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Downloadthe most recent x64 Apache binaries for windows from [ WayBack ] Apache VC15 binaries and modules download (at the time of writing: ) Extract recursively to D:\bin Run the UltrawareController locally Run D:\bin\httpd-2.4.34-win64-VC15\Apache24\bin\ab.exe -n 1000 -c 10 http://localhost:8000/foo

This will run the ab Apache benchmark tool with 1000 connections using 10 threads all doing the same http GET request athttp://localhost:8000/foo

If you want to test TLS (https) connections, then you need to use the abs tool in the same directory as the ab tool supports http-only (when you still try, you get the message SSL not compiled in; no https support as explained in[ WayBack ] Add https support to Apache Bench on Windows Stack Overflow ). Download location via[ WayBack ] windows Is there any link to download ab Apache benchmark Stack Overflow : [ WayBack ] Download The Apache HTTP Server Project [ WayBack ] Using Apache HTTP Server on Microsoft Windows Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 There are many more command-line parameters documented at[ WayBack ] ab Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 , this is the summary: Synopsis ab[ -Aauth-username:password] [ -bwindowsize] [ -Blocal-address] [ -cconcurrency] [ -Ccookie-name=value] [ -d] [ -ecsv-file] [ -fprotocol] [ -ggnuplot-file] [ -h] [ -Hcustom-header] [ -i] [ -k] [ -l] [ -mHTTP-method] [ -nrequests] [ -pPOST-file] [ -Pproxy-auth-username:password] [ -q] [ -r] [ -stimeout] [ -S] [ -ttimelimit] [ -Tcontent-type] [ -uPUT-file] [ -vverbosity] [ -V] [ -w] [ -x<table>-attributes] [ -Xproxy[:port] ] [ -y<tr>-attributes] [ -z<td>-attributes] [ -Zciphersuite] [http[s]://]hostname[:port]/path Via:[ WayBack ] apache ab load testing Stack Overflow


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