Enterprise environment always enforce security in different levels. One such level is network ports. There will be less questions when we want to open port 443 for http(s) communication. Also it is fine if the ports are familiar such as 1433 for SQL Server. But when it comes to some unfamiliar ports its difficult. Also they wants to open very minimal ports. So finding and documenting exactly what ports are required is a considerable job for an Architect. This is obviously not applicable to Architects who are there when solutions or define the solution themselves. But its trouble for Architects who reverse engineer what is in the development / testing / staging environment and prepare document which is essential to move the application to the higher environment.

One such thing is SQL Server Analysis Service. For SQL Server OLTP engine its easy to find out. But for analysis service, its difficult if the installation is done using custom port.

What Google says

This is not the first time people encounter the problem and there are lot of solutions to it. Some from google are below.

To find ports and processes in general

Find SSAS Ports

The general scripts are either based on long custom PS command or text analytics based. The SSAS port findings required 2 steps to figure port out.

Easy solution using PowerShell

Below is another one which does the things in singe PS command. Yes obviously there is piping and we can argue whether its multi-line script or not.

Finding ports and processes Get-NetTCPConnection | ` where {$_.State -eq 'Listen'} | ` select -Property LocalAddress, ` @{name="Process";Expression={$psid = $_.OwningProcess; (Get-Process | where {$_.Id -eq $psid }).Name + ', ' + $_.OwningProcess}}, ` LocalPort ` | sort -property Process

Pretty much straight forward. It relies on the Get-NetTCPConnection commandlet. Then does some filtering and selection to get the list back.

Finding port of SSAS Service

We can apply the above technique easily to filter the SSAS process

get-nettcpconnection | ` where {$_.State -eq 'Listen'} | ` where {$_.OwningProcess -in (Get-Process | Where {$_.Name -eq 'msmdsrv'}).Id} | ` Select-Object -Property LocalAddress, ` @{name="Process";Expression={$psid = $_.OwningProcess; (Get-Process | where {$_.Id -eq $psid }).Name + ', ' + $_.OwningProcess}}, ` LocalPort `

It takes a big assumption that the process name of SSAS is 'msmdsrv'.

In future Microsoft change the name the script will not work



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