Need help configuring the SQL Server CE connection string in Fluent NHibernate

I'm trying to return a session factory using this code: return Fluently.Configure() .Database(mssqlCeConfiguration.Standard.ShowSql().ConnectionString(path)) .Mappings(m => m.FluentMappings.AddFromAssemblyOf<Project>()) .BuildSessionFactory(); Pa

Unsupported keyword in the SQL Server CE connection string

I'm trying to connect to a SQL Server CE database in a C# web application (VB 2012) using this connection string: using (SqlCeConnection conn = new SqlCeConnection(@"Data Source|DataDirectory|\MyData.sdf; Persist Security Info=False;")) The prob

Speed up the SQL Server 2008 query by using the index I have a query like below Select top(10) * from myTable where CreateTime between '2014-2-3' and '2014-2-5' and (Result is null or Result != 1) But when i build an index like below CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_Index] ON [dbo].[mytable] ( [CreateTime]

Copy the database with multiple SQL Server 2005 tables into SQL Server 2008 Enterprise by using SSMS

I'm struggling to find a suitable solution to this. I have a fairly large SQL Server 2005 database containing 250+ tables (many with key constraints) and a whole bunch of data. I need to essentially copy all of these tables and the data and the const

Is there a way to convert the SQL Server 2008 mdf file to SQL Server Express?

I have a mdf file which is SQL Server 2008 file. I want to convert it to SQL Server Express or SQL Compact edition. Is there any tool to convert it ?For SQL Server - Express or Standard/Web/Developer - there is no difference in the file formats. Your

About the SQL Server 2008 server in total

I have a table , the table structure is: TransactionRecordID State TransactionMoney CreateTime 1 1 200 2014/6/19 2 0 100 2014/6/12 3 1 50 2014/3/17 4 1 400 2014/2/23 ...... I want to get the result: TransactionRecordID State TransactionMoney CreateTi

How to access data from the sql server 2008 table of a specific date in c #? In my window application I want to show records held between two dates. I used datepicker to select dates. In sql server 2008 table I used data type [date] to store date. My problem is that it is not working properly to catch the first date, it catch Connecting to the SQL Server 2008 database using Asp

I tried a lot but I am not able to deal with this problem. I wasted last 2 days without any significant result. Hope I will get some help here. I wanted to connect to a SQL Server 2008 database using ASP. I installed SQL Server 2008, created a databa

The connection failed for the user in the SQL Server 2008 for windows application

I have two PC (both have Win7). On PC "A" I have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and developed a Windows application. On PC "A" my application is running well and there is no connectivity issue. But when I run this application on P

What is the connection string of the SQL server to connect another computer server on the network?

I have a c# program that connects to SQL server 2008 and works with this connection string : "server = HAMED-PC;database = museum ; integrated security = true"; I want to copy this program to another and connect to this SQL server on the network

Connecting Access 2007 to the SQL Server 2008 Database

I've seen numerous answers to similar questions like this one. I haven't seen on the web many people have asked the seemingly simple question "How do I connect Access 2007 to an SQL server 2008 database" - but all of the answers describe how you

Connecting to SQL Server 2008 R2 Remotely Using VPN Modems

I am in the process of accessing a remote instance SQL server using VPN modems. The modems are in the same VPN network. I can ping each of the modems from the remote machines. I have already set the alias of the sql server instances to the ip address

Why use the SQL Server 2008 geographic data type?

I am redesigning a customer database and one of the new pieces of information I would like to store along with the standard address fields (Street, City, etc.) is the geographic location of the address. The only use case I have in mind is to allow us

Using the dashboard when using as in the where clause in the SQL Server 2008 query

I have a table including such data in SQL Server 2008: id TimeStamp -------------------------- 1 2016-02-19 11:52:01 AM 2 2016-02-21 11:30:05 AM I am trying to select such data saved in the date 19 February 2016. I am using the query in the below, bu

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