I have recently started learning C++ and coming from a Ruby environment I have found it very hard to structure a project in a way that it still compiles correctly, I have been using Code::Blocks which is brilliant but a downside is that when I add a new header file or c++ source file, it will generate some code and even though it is only a mere 3 or 4 lines, I do not know what these lines do. First of all I would like to ask this question:

What do these lines do?


My second question is, do I need to #include both the .h file and the .cpp file, and in which order.

My third question is where can I find the GNU GCC Compiler that, I beleive, was packaged with Code::Blocks and how do I use it without Code::Blocks? I would rather develop in a notepad++ sort of way because that is what I'm used to in Ruby but since C++ is compiled, you may think differently (please give advice and views on that as well)

Thanks in advance, ell.

EDIT: I'm on windows XP & thanks for the lighting fast replies!

To answer your questions:

The lines are include guards. They prevent the header file being included more than once in any given translation unit. If it was included multiple times, you would probably get multiple definition errors.

Header files are #included in .cpp files and in other headers. .cpp files are not normally #included.

The C++ compiler that comes with Code::Blocks is called MinGW GCC, and can be found in the bin directory of the MinGW installation. To find it, do a Windows search via explorer for 'g++'. To use it, you will need to put the directory it is in on your search path. Note the version of the compiler that ships with Code::Blocks is quite old - you can get a much more recent version from here .

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