Recently, we met a deployment problem in heroku python environment.

In heroku python deployment, it will execute pip install requirements.txt and install packages in the file. But when you have a private package, everything goes complicated.

What we want to do is to install our private package which is on the github. Just making one of the following commands success:

pip install git+ pip install git+ssh:// pip install git+https://{username}:{password}

The complicated thing here is that you don't want to commit any credential or password in git because it causes to many security issues. So how to let heroku know the credential in build is the key-point of this problem.

Third-Party Buildpack Solutions

In fact, there are some third-party buildpacks supporting setting github tokens or ssh-keys in the environments:

heroku-buildpack-github-netrc ssh-private-key-buildpack

But after our discussion, we decide not to use third-party buildpacks because the following reasons

maintenance: everyone who joins related projects needs to know the buildpack and maintain them if anything changes. security: we don't know what things happen if we do not review the code.

(I've reviewed the code, both of them are pretty simple and pretty useful. You can config your credentials in environment variables and the buildpacks will set for your purpose.)

Solution without Using Third-Party Buildpacks

With some survey on the heroku buildpacks, we found a good solution that helps us solve this problem. To learn the solution, we need to know more about how heroku python buildpack works first. Herkuo python buildpack will execute the following commands in order:

bin/detect bin/pre_compile bin/compile : in this step, it will execute pip install -r requirments.txt here. bin/post_compile bin/release

With the knowledge, we tried the steps:

Setup environment variables GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_PASSWORD Put the file bin/pre_compile with link generation code like: # !/bin/bash echo "Generate myrepo to requirements.txt" MY_REPO_GIT="git+https://${GITHUB_USER}:${GITHUB_PASSWORD}" echo MY_REPO_GIT >> requirements.txt

and it will generate private repos link with user information to requirements.txt before executing bin/compile . Finally it can install all things your want with this solution.

Failed Try

We've tried to use to do customization in installation but it didn't work because heroku team thinks can do everything and it's unsafe if exposing all build environment settings on it.

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