I'm trying to find a way for this. I have this long complicated code (below is just a tiny snippet for example purposes) which I want to reuse 30 times in the same file (to put into context it is a product page file)

<a href="<php echo $products['product_x']['url'];?>"><?php echo $products['product_x']['name'];?></a> The $products['product_x']['url'] refers to a multidimensional array which is in a separate file and loaded into all pages of the site. I am wondering if manipulate the product_x in such a way that allows me to place the code above in a separate file, include it on the main products page and then change product_x 30 times over to load all products. It is obvious that each product has it's own ID. $products['product_x'] $products <-- name of the main array $products['product_x'] <-- each product has it's own array $products['product_x']['url'] <-- example of information stored in the array

The coding on this page for each product is over 100 lines long for each product, as there are various parameters to take into account. is it possible to put the generic code into a file and refer to it 30 times changing the value each time?

I have 30 products, which I want to show on a single product page. they are each controlled by their ids (e.g. product_1 , product_2 etc). i want to reuse to code and change these ids each time.

Yes it is. I would put all the generic code in a function actually, and call the function to do whatever you want to the product:

function process_product($product) { // do whatever return $edited_product } // call it: $processed = process_product($products['product_x'] );

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