A new version of the Nautilus (Files) file manager app from the GNOME desktop environment dropped today ahead of the second point release of GNOME 3.30 with a bunch of fixes and improvements.

The GNOME 3.30 desktop environment is about to get its last scheduled point release, version 3.30.2, which should hit the streets later this month on October 24, and it looks like the Nautilus app was already updated to version 3.30.2, a bugfix release that adds quite a few improvements to the popular file manager.

According to the internal changelog, Nautilus 3.30.2 improves support for opening files stored on Google Drive accounts, improves searching by addressing various crashes, fixes the triple mouse click gesture in the pathbar to minimize the main window, as well as the "/" and "~" characters not opening the location bar.

Security warnings, stable Flatpak, and memory leaks

Another interesting change included in the Nautilus 3.30.2 release is that the file manager now warns users about potential security risks when the libseccomp (interface to the linux kernel's syscall filtering mechanism) and bubblewrap (an unprivileged sandboxing tool) libraries are disabled on unsupported CPUs.

Nautilus 3.30.2 also fixes the header bar styling for third-party themes, as well as Continuous Integration (CI) tests, and various memory leaks. It also setups stable Flatpak support for those who want to install the file manager on their favorite GNU/Linux distributions using the universal binary package format.

The Nautilus 3.30.2 releases should be available for most GNOME 3.30 users later this month as part of the GNOME 3.30.2 point release, but if you're in a hurry, you can download the source tarball right now through our Linux software portal and compile it yourself, or get the Flatpak from the official channels.

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