iOS: how to free an application for a limited number of users?

I'm quite new to iOS distribution so I'm here to ask for the right direction, in particular because my objective is not a common publication. I'd like to distribute to a few hundreds of selected users for at least half year. What provisioning profile

Web interface to my Powershell scripts for help desk

I'd like to have a web frontend to my powershell scripts for helpdesk. These scripts would typically be user-creation scripts and scripts to restart a specific service on a specific server. Where should I start? What would I need? There is no problem

PowerShell script to find the last file and check its size I have a simple PowerShell script to find the latest file in a directory, but I having trouble checking if the file size is larger than 0 MB. I have posted my script below: $olddate = [DateTime]::MaxValue $newdate = [DateTime]::MinValue $oldfn = "&qu PowerShell script to find and replace for all files with a specific extension

I have several configuration files on windows Server 2008 nested like such: C:\Projects\Project_1\project1.config C:\Projects\Project_2\project2.config In my configuration I need to do a string replace like such: <add key="Environment" value=

Testing Powershell Scripts for Accuracy

Is their anyway to test the correctness of a powershell script without executing it. I know you could do something similar in unix, but can't find the equiv for powershell. Essentially what I have is a script repository, where each script is tied to

The best way to authenticate the powershell script for Azure resource management

To authenticate to Azure and use the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets, I currently use the methods outlined here, namely using an Azure Active Directory account, encrypting the password, storing the encrypted string in a text file, and reading that int

Powershell Script for VMS Shutdown - Error

First post but regular visitor. I'm attempting to cobble together a powershell script to kick off shutdowns on a list of vSphere machines in a .csv. vSphere is at version 5.1u2 and vcenter runs on 2008 R2. I'm loading the powercli stuff at the start

Powershell Script to find all backups on all drives and the path to the print file, file name and file size

I found scripts that all circle around the answer I need but I cannot figure out how to combine them. Here is a script to find all the backups on all drives but it moves them; I just want to print the details (to file preferably). foreach ($server in

The custom script for importing publications into Wordpress works on the test server, but not on the active server

A developer did a customphp script for me for importing posts into Wordpress from CSV file. The script worked fine on a staging site, which was on a different server, but when we moved it to my server, it can't download the CSV file and even if I ma

Prolog: & ldquo; Findall & rdquo; For a limited number of solutions

Say I want to find sum of all solutions to a predicate, I just can use findall(L, find(L), Sols), and just sum members of Sols. But what if find(L) has a huge number (infinitely, maybe) of solutions, and I just want to get only first 10 of them? I'd

How to make an ng-repeat statement in an angular JS for a limited number of times

I have a table which is being populated like this : <table> <tr> <th>Id</th> <th>Details</th> <th>Score</th> </tr> <tr ng-repeat="x in data.items"> <td><a href="{{ x.get }

Information system for a large number of users

I am preparing a technical specification of an information system with big number of users, so many constraints appear. I know that java could not be the ideal choice due to performance reasons below a small description of the IS: Module of Financial

Limiting the number of users accessing the website

What is the best way to limit the number of (concurrent) users accessing a web application that any one can introduce for selling website/application to client and how to increase the number of users accessing it remotely?If you use the in-process se

Configure the PowerShell script for automatic execution

I have a few lines of PowerShell code that I would like to use as an automated script. The way I would like it to be able to work is to be able to call it using one of the following options: One command line that opens PowerShell, executes script and

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