How or, what is a good approach for this function i'm trying to create?


$(document).ready(function() { $("#home").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'370px', height:'250px', }, 1000) return false }) $("#about").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'20px', height:'145px', }, 1000) return false }) $("#games").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'20px', height:'145px', }, 1000) return false }) $("#district").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'20px', height:'145px', }, 1000) return false }) $("#contact").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'20px', height:'145px', }, 1000) return false }) }) If an id in ["about","contact","district", "games", "membership"] - are clicked, i want to animate some stuff. But if id = "home", i want to animate (or don't animate if alreade on that page) it back.

Obviously, this code i posted doesen't work. But what kind of approach would you guys suggest? Should i put the id's for the banner to animate to the top of my page in an array and loop through it? (How does that look like) Or should i create many diffrent functions, one per id, like now?


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Assign a common class instead of using ids except home, as you have same code for all items other then home.

$("#home").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'370px', height:'250px', }, 1000) return false; }); $(".commonclassexcepthome").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'370px', height:'250px', }, 1000) return false; });

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You can try like this

$("#home").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'370px', height:'250px', }, 1000) return false; }); $("#about,#contact,#games,#district").click(function() { $('.banner').animate({top:'20px', height:'145px', }, 1000) return false; });

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just make a function with parameters so when you click you call the function and give the parameters for the position and you simplify it

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What you're seeing here is a better way to write the code above. You said that you do not want to animate .banner if you are already on that page ( or is this available only for home page? ) so the function will return false if the clicked item has class="active"

Note : i did not test the code because i don't have the rest of code.

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This recipe can be found in it's original form on Stack Over Flow .

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