Is it reasonable to put nginx in front of nodejs to serve static assets?

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Yes you can do that. I like using Node with Express and the thin stack that results. I believe with early versions of Node using a web server like Nginx was recommended due to performance concerns. I'm not sure that's valid anymore.

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I asked on # node.js irc and Ryan replied for security - "you just may be hacked when some yet-unknown buffer overflow is discovered. Not that that couldn't happen behind nginx, but somehow having a proxy in front makes me happy".

That said is you use a hosted Node service like joyent default app runs on port 80 without Nginx as far as I know.

To setup Node with Nginx see:

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This recipe can be found in it's original form on Stack Over Flow .

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本文标题:Is it reasonable to put nginx in front of nodejs to serve static assets?

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