Ricardo Wurmus of the GNU Guix project proudly announced the release and general availability of new versions of the GuixSD GNU/linux distribution and the Guix package manager.

Guix System Distribution (GuixSD) is a Linux-based, stateless computer operating system designed for power users. It uses the GNU Guix advanced package management system, and the latest version, 0.12.0, is here approximately four moths after the previous release to add a bunch of improvements and new features.

"The release comes with USB installation images to install the standalone GuixSD, and with tarballs to install the package manager on top of your GNU/Linux distro, either from source or from binaries," said Ricardo Wurmus. "It’s been a little over 4 months since the previous release, during which 76 people contributed code and packages."

New system services added, GuixSD can be installed on LUKS-encrypted root

Among the new features shipped with GuixSD 0.12.0, we can mention the addition of various system services, including a CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) printing service, an OpenSMTPD service, NFS (Network File System)-related services, as well as a log rotation service. The Guix daemon offloading support was updated to use Guile-SSH.

Furthermore, Guix System Distribution 0.12.0 brings installation support on LUKS-encrypted root filesystems, a brand-new d3.js backend for Guix graph, new cross-compiler toolchains for the arm-none-eabi and i686-w64-mingw32 architectures, a bunch of various other small enhancements to the toolset, and many bug fixes to the manual.

A total of 853 new packages have been added in GuixSD 0.12.0, and it looks like 864 packages were updates. Under the hood, the Linux-based operating system is powered by Linux-libre kernel 4.8.15 and Glibc (GNU C Library) 2.24. You can download the GuixSD 0.12.0 ISO images for 64- and 32-bit platforms right now, and the GNU Guix 0.12.0 source archive via our website.

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