Microsoft has released new Surface products every year since the launch of the first Microsoft Surface tablet. So it should come as no surprise that the company is expected to unveil new Surface hardware soon.

But if you don’t feel like waiting for an official announcement, there’s always the rumor mill.

According to windows Central’s sources , Microsoft will likely have a new version of the Surface Book 2-in-1 laptop soon, as well as the first Surface all-in-one desktop PC (or maybe 3 different models).

Report: Next-gen Microsoft Surface products include new Surface Book, Surface al ...

Microsoft Surface Book (1st gen)

There may also be tablet updates. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Surface Pro 5 features an Intel Kaby Lake processor, for instance… but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft waits until next year to refresh its tablet lineup.

I’m also interested to see whether the company keeps its entry-level Surface tablet. The first few models in that line featured ARM-based processors and Windows RT software. The third-gen Surface stepped up to an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor and full Windows 10 operating system. But now that Intel is doing away with its Atom processor lineup, I’m curious to know whether Microsoft will move to a Celeron or Core M chip… give ARM another try, or abandon the entry-level space?

Anyway, back to the current rumor/leak: Windows Central hasn’t been able to confirm any details about the processor, screen resolution, or other specs inside the 2nd-gen Surface Book. But one thing that annoyed a lot of people about the first model will apparently be resolved: when you close the laptop’s lid, there will no longer be a visible gap between the screen and keyboard.

As for the Surface all-in-one desktop PC lineup, Windows Central says Microsoft is testing three models: a 21 inch, 1080p version and models with 24 inch and 27 inch, 4K displays.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Microsoft was working on a Surface AiO , but it is the first time we’ve heard anything about potential screen sizes… although it’s not clear if all three of thosesizes will come to market.

There’s nothing new to report on the alleged “Surface Phone,” which has long been said to be under development.

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