Scalable MySQL Cluster with Master-Slave Replication, ProxySQL Load Balancing an ...
mysql is one of the most popular open-source relational databases, used by lots of projects around the world including incredibly large-scale ones like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Obviously, such projects need a truly reliable and highly-available data storing system to ensure the appropriate level of a service quality. And the very first and the main way to get the most efficiency from your data storage is setting up database clustering so that it could process a big number of requests simultaneously and remain workable in conditions of increased load. However, configuring such solution from the scratch can appear to be a rather complicated task.

Thus, the Jelastic team has prepared a one-click installation package for you a Scalable MySQL Cluster with out-of-box master-slave replication, even request distribution and node auto discovery. It is intended to instantly deploy a pair of interconnected MySQL containers, which handle asynchronous data replication and are automatically reconfigured upon cluster scaling (i.e. changing the number of nodes). In addition, this solution is supplied with a ProxySQL load balancer in front of the database nodes set and embedded Orchestrator for its convenient management via GUI.

So, to start with, let’s review some details on the Scalable MySQL Cluster solution implementation to get deeper insights on how it actually works. And after that we’ll proceed with instruction on its deployment, review possibilities of the built-in management panel and explore the implemented database failover mechanism with a simulated node failure.

Scalable MySQL Cluster Package Specifics

So, upon the Scalable MySQL Cluster with Load Balancing package installation, you’ll get a Docker-based environment with the following implementation specifics:

the default topology includes 1 ProxySQL load balancer node (based on jelastic/proxysql image) and a pair of asynchronously replicated MySQL DB server instances (built over the jelastic/mysql :5.7-latest template) the very initially created MySQL container is assigned a master role, whilst the second one (and all the further manually added nodes) will serve as slave s by default, each container is assigned 8-cloudlet resources limit (which equals to 1 GiB of RAM and 3.2 GHz of CPU) for
Scalable MySQL Cluster with Master-Slave Replication, ProxySQL Load Balancing an ...

Being delivered with a set of special preconfigurations, the current Scalable MySQL Cluster can be distinguished with the following possibilities and benefits:

efficient load balancing ProxySQL uses the hostgroups concept to separate DB master (with a read-write possibility) and slaves (with the read-only permissions); herewith, due to the special query rules , all select requests are redirected only to slave servers and distributed between them with the round-robin algorithm to ensure even load scalability and autodiscovery new MySQL nodes, added during the manual DB server horizontal scaling , are included into a cluster as slaves with all the required adjustments being applied automatically re-configuration with no downtime a cluster is designed to run continuously and can be adjusted on a fly without the necessity to restart the running services automated failover slave DB nodes with high latency or the ones that can not be reached are temporarily excluded from a cluster and re-added once the connection is restored comfortable GUI the solution includes pre-installed Orchestrator tool to simplify cluster management (e.g. to refactor replication paths, recover topology failures, etc)

Before proceeding to the package installation, consider, that the appropriate Platform should run Jelastic 5.0.5 version or higher. Now, let’s see how to instantly get such clustered MySQL solution, run within Docker containers inside the Cloud, just in a few simple clicks.

How to Install Scalable MySQL Cluster into Jelastic Cloud

Deployment of the Scalable MySQL Cluster with Load Balancing is completely automated by Jelastic, allowing to get a fully configured and ready-to-go database cluster in a matter of minutes.

1. Log into your Jelastic account and import the appropriate manifest.jps file via URL:
Scalable MySQL Cluster with Master-Slave Replication, ProxySQL Load Balancing an ...

Tip: Alternatively, you can find this solution within the Clusters section of Jelastic Marketplace alongside with a number of similar one-click installation packages for other clustered databases, application servers and particular applications.

2. Within the opened installation frame, provide details on the desired environment.
Scalable MySQL Cluster with Master-Slave Replication, ProxySQL Load Balancing an ...
Here: Environment type any prefered name Display Name optionally, provide an environment alias Region select region (if several ones are available)

Click Install to proceed.

3. Wait a minute while Jelastic configures everything for you.
Scalable MySQL Cluster with Master-Slave Replication, ProxySQL Load Balancing an ...
After the successful installation, you’ll receive the following email notifications with important administrating information on your MySQL cluster: Scalable Database Cluster provides data to access thephpMyAdmin panel for database managing Database Auto Replication displays cluster connection information to bind it to your application Orchestrator Configuration gives credentials to access the Orchestrator pane

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本文标题:Scalable MySQL Cluster with Master-Slave Replication, ProxySQL Load Balancing an ...

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