MPV developer Martin Herkt released a new stable version of the popular, powerful, and open-source video player application for all supported platforms, versioned 0.24.0 .

Over 70 improvements have been implemented in MPV 0.24.0, which comes seven weeks after the release of MPV 0.23.0 . There are a couple of experimental new features introduced for the player, namely a C plugin interface and a stream recording feature that can be used using the "--record-file" command-line argument.

Additionally, it adds the ability to prefetch the next playlist entry using the "--prefetch-playlist" command-line argument, but please try to keep in mind that it doesn't support the URLs from the open-source youtube-dl YouTube video downloader. MPV 0.24.0 also adds support for data URIs and allows snapping to screen edges on windows OSes.

Another interesting feature that landed in MPV 0.24.0 is support for 10-bit video formats via the Video Acceleration API (VAAPI), which require a GNU/linux distribution that ships with patched Mesa 3D Graphics Library packages, as well as a powerful computer. Furthermore, the MPV now supports pseudo HiDPI scaling on X11.

New options and commands, lots of bug fixes

For macOS users, MPV 0.24.0 adds border cycling. The new release also implements two new options to justify subtitles, namely "--sub-justify" and "--sub-ass-justify," as well as the "--image-subs-video-resolution" option, which promises to let users force the use of the video resolution for image subtitles.

The "drop-frame-count" command was renamed to "decoder-frame-drop-count" and "vo-drop-frame-count" to "frame-drop-count," and it looks like the "--hwdec-preload" command-line argument is no longer support and has been replaced with the "--opengl-hwdec-interop" one.

Last but not least, the "--sub-codepage syntax" and "--stream-capture" options were removed, along with the "--vd/--ad" codecs selection options. A lot of bug discovered or reported by users since MPV 0.23.0 have been addresses, especially for macOS, and you can see the full changelog below.

Download MPV 0.24.0 for GNU/Linux , macOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now!

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