Castles 1 & 2, two more retro strategy games now have Linux versions on GO ...

GOG have revived two more classic games for linux, as Castles 1 & 2 now have Linux versions bundled with DOSBox. Castles was originally released in 1991, so there may be a few amongst our readers that remember them. I remember them, but I wasn't personally too fond of them so this isn't a big thing for me.

I've tested them both as GOG sent over a copy and they work without any issues on Antergos (Arch) and didn't require any extra configuration.

I do love that GOG revive old games and especially so when they provide easy Linux downloads too. A great way to support a DRM free store and catch up some classic games without having to setup DOSBox yourself, or resort to questionable sources for a download.

Castles combines multiple genres under one roof, as you will be building your own castle, manage resources and a simple real-time battle mode too.

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本文标题:Castles 1 & 2, two more retro strategy games now have Linux versions on GO ...

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