Jerry Bezencon, the creator of the Ubuntu-based linux Lite distro, announced today that a new version of the Lite Welcome tool is coming soon for all users with exciting new features.

Lite Welcome is that window popping up every time you install Linux Lite on a new computer. Several GNU/Linux distributions use a "Welcome" screen to welcome newcomers and help them better configure their new operating system or access various resources that help them get started faster with the OS.

Newcomers will be able to get started faster with Linux Lite

A new Lite Welcome version is being baked these days, as you can see from the screenshot gallery attached below, and it looks like it will sport a new three-step post-install checklist that lets users install all available updates, install different drivers they might need, install language support, as well as to set a restore point.

"Lite Welcome has some new additions that will be available on April 1st in Linux Lite 3.4 with a 3 Step post-install checklist. Install Updates > Install Drivers > Set a Restore Point, to help our windows users make the smoothest possible transition to Linux Lite," said Jerry Bezencon in a Google+ announcement .

As you might know, Linux Lite is a distro designed with the ex-Windows user in mind, people who want to migrate to an open-source, Linux-based operating system. And, with these changes to Lite Welcome, the developers want Windows users to migrate to Linux Lite as quickly as possible and without hiccups.

These and many other goodies are coming to Linux Lite 3.4, the next major version of the OS that will be released on the first day of April this year, which could be possibly based on the Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) operating system. We'll let you know more info about Linux Lite 3.4 as soon as we have it.

Lite Welcome has some new additions that will be available in Linux Lite 3.4 with a 3 Step post install checklist. #ubuntu #linux #debian

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本文标题:Linux Lite 3.4 to Revamp Lite Welcome to Help Windows Users Accommodate Faster

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