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We shared our goal of expanding the Azure Stack ecosystem to offer you more choice and flexibility of hardware options for your IT landscape. Today, Cisco announced a jointly engineered Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack. With this announcement, we are taking one more step towards our goal.

Through our technical previews, we have seen customers unlock various hybrid cloud use-cases by using Azure Services across cloud and on-premises environments, building applications using a consistent approach, and deploying them to the location that best meets their needs. Now, you can make technology decisions based on business requirements, rather than business decisions based on technology complications. To best meet your requirements, we have focused on two parallel areas of investments adding features and functionality to the Azure Stack platform, and growing a diverse partner ecosystem so you have a wide array of Azure stack offerings, solutions, and services that best match your needs.

To this effect, the joint Microsoft and Cisco announcement today brings together Microsoft’s Azure Stack and Cisco’s robust UCS platform, which helps reduce the complexity of delivering and operating hybrid cloud solution on-premises. This approach enables you to focus on delivering high quality service levels for business applications rather than focusing on infrastructure management. Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack is planned to be available in Q3 2017.

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