Crunching business numbers isn’t just something that happens anymore. The study of a company’s analytics now falls under the heading of Big Data ― and if a business doesn’t have someone versed in Big Data, they’re falling behind. You can be that stat guru in your company with the training in this Big Data and Hadoop Analytics Certification Bundle .

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Across these three courses, you’ll understand everything you need to know about Big Data, how to utilize the popular and versatile Hadoop to process those giant data sets, and how to utilize the python programming that goes into all that analysis.

By mastering the tools for data mining, wrangling, website scraping, data engineering and more, you’ll know exactly what business reports mean beyond the bottom line… as well as the best way to apply those conclusions to make smart decisions about your company’s future.

Forge ahead with a precisely calibrated, data-drive business strategy using this Big Data and Hadoop Analytics Certification Bundle, which you can get for 92 percent off ― only $59 for a limited time only .

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