Meet UKUI, A Linux Desktop Environment Inspired by Windows 7

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Meet UKUI, A Linux Desktop Environment Inspired by Windows 7
It’s not often that a brand new desktop environment can slip out under the radar, but that’s exactly whatUKUI has done.

UKUI is developedby Ubuntu Kylin, the official Chinese-language spinof Ubuntu. It aims to provide ‘a simpler and more enjoyable experience for browsing, searching, and managing your computer’.

UKUI saw its first release (inpreview form) back inOctober [Chinese ], where it popped outalongside the release of Unity-based Ubuntu Kylin 16.10.

Now plans are afoot to ship the desktop as default in Ubuntu Kylin 17.04, due in April.

As of writing (and some extensive Googling) it seems that noEnglish-language blog has written aboutthe UKUI desktop so I figured I would.

The UKUI Desktop Environment
Meet UKUI, A Linux Desktop Environment Inspired by Windows 7

Ubuntu Kylin have always tried to bemore than just a localised version of Ubuntu. Its developers have worked hard to craft an Ubuntu spin that stands on its own merits.

It’s thanks toKylin developers that wecan move the Unity launcher to the bottom of the screen (a feature they implemented to evoke the windows UI paradigm).

The team is alsobehind theKylin icon theme, and maintain a suite of Chinese-language apps, including a weather indicator, calendar , and personal assistant, as well astheir own software store .

It’s perhaps no surprise that they’ve gone one step further to craft their own custom desktop environment.

What Is UKUI?
Meet UKUI, A Linux Desktop Environment Inspired by Windows 7

UKUI( U buntu K ylin U ser I nterface) is a fork of the MATE desktop (itself a forkfrom the code base ofGNOME 2) that has beenredesigned, retuned and rejigged to resemble― sharp intake of breath ―Microsoft’s Windows 7.

Now, that’s not me being lazy with acomparison; the Kylin devssay the desktop isdesigned to provide a ‘familiar Windows-style layout’ (based specifically on Windows 7) so as to‘cater the needs of Chinese users and enhance the user experience’.

The UKUIdesktop doesn’t look like stock MATE. There’s a newstart menu (app launcher) positiononthe left-hand side of a Windows-Inspired task bar. This launch is now an exact clone of its Windows counterpart, but does a good enough job of seeming similar enough, complete with big user avatar, live searching, and the ability to ‘pin’ popular apps to the top of the menu.

Elsewhere there’s arefinedcontrol panel to make configuring things a little easier, and thelogin screen and screensaver sport new, custom designs.

Pulling it all together isnewdesktop theme thatevokes the feeling of Redmond’s latest release (and, yes, is available in a variety of bright colours).

The UKUI file manager Peony is be a customised fork of Caja thatowes most of its looks to Windows Explorer:

Meet UKUI, A Linux Desktop Environment Inspired by Windows 7

When combined with the rest of the Kylin app suite, which includes Microsoft Office clone WPS Office , and

The previewversion the UKUI desktop lookeda little more …Windows-y, with white line artsystem tray icons, frosted task bar accents, and better theming of the file manager.

Because most of the core dependencies and packages are forks itis possible to install UKUI on Ubuntu alongside the MATE desktopwithout encountering anymajor conflicts or issues.

Install UKUI On Ubuntu Co-operation with MATE?

UKUI is currentlypending packaging for Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus, though questions have been raised as to whether all of the forked packages are entirely necessary, and whether some cooperation with MATEis possible.

“Most Chinese users are more familiar with interfaces similar to Windows,” Kylin’s Jianfeng ‘Handsome Feng’ Li explains.

“We reimplemented key interfaces such as menu, indicator,panel, control center andscreensaver.In these packages, ukui-menu and ukui-indicator are almost rewrited (sic) by us. In Peony and the screensaver, we changed the main layout and appearance of them.“

“The rest of the packages have changed a little but we will keep developing.”

Kylin say they they’ve made ‘many many code and configuration changes from MATE’ and do not feel that these are ‘consistent with the design of MATE’

Download Preview Version

Want to try it out? You can.

An older version of UKUI ships as part of the Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 preview (which you need to be awareis a short-term release). This can be downloaded directly from here (but be aware that the language defaults to Chinese).


You can install the full suite of UKUI onUbuntu 16.10 andUbuntu 17.04 from the following PPA>Keep in mind that this PPA is not officially supported , so if anything goes wrong you’ll need to fix it yourself.

To add the PPA open a new Terminal window and run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntukylin ukui

To install the UKUI desktop run:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install ukui-desktop-environment

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