Guild Software developers are back with two new updates for their multiplatform Vendetta Online MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) video game.

From the release announcement , it looks like Vendetta Online 1.8.408 and 1.8.409 maintenance updates have been released recently to add various improvements for all supported platforms, fix some of the most annoying bugs reported by users lately, as well as to implement a bunch of long-anticipated new features.

For example, the promised Capella-class capital ship has been added, and it's now available to random NPC convoys. Furthermore, the cargo and add-ons of each ship, along with the ship's total mass are now displayed on the station Manage Ship tab ship and Capship Hangar lists.

For linux users, the new Vendetta Online updates improve rendering on OpenGL 4.x hardware as the driver now uses 3.1 Core Profile. If you don't see any improvements after upgrading to Vendetta Online 1.8.409, it means your GPU is too old. The devs also managed to add a bunch of Gear VR improvements, allowing players that use these virtual reality headsets to mine guns.

"OpenGL users on Linux can expect some performance enhancements from the additional of Instanced Rendering on the platform, a feature we utilize much more intensively on mobile and we intend to expand drastically on PC as well. It's basically a best-case scenario for handling large numbers of identical objects, like asteroids, and helps enable much higher potential densities in asteroid fields," said the devs.

Capella's rear launch bay can now act as a docking bay

Among other improvements, we can mention that the rear launch bay of the newly added Capella-class capital ship can now act as a docking bay, and the Self Defense flags have been updated to expire when the 15-minute timer runs out or when the initial victim kills the attacker. Additionally, the number of turrets on the current Capella flavor was increased.

Other than that, Vendetta Online 1.8.409 addresses a crash that occurred when attempting to start the game on an operating system that didn't have an audio driver enabled, as well as various visual artifacts. The quality of Capella's texture maps have been improved as well, and users will now be able to view character names that generated by kill messages on the name tab-autocomplete list.

All existing Vendetta Online users are urged to update to version 1.8.409 as soon as possible. Newcomers can get a 30-day trial version of the game from its official website , from where they can also purchase a full license. Vendetta Online is currently supported on GNU/Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, and Microsoft windows operating systems.

VO 1.8.408-409: Capella-class Capship added! Mining enhancements for @Oculus #GearVR , Improved rendering on #Linux ― Vendetta Online (@VendettaOnline) February 12, 2017

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本文标题:Latest Vendetta Online Updates Improve Rendering on Linux for OpenGL 4.x GPUs

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