I’ve written a lot about Multisite for this blog and received lots of feedback from people who are just as keen on Multisite as I am. But you guys have plenty of questions, too!

Some of the most frequent are about what Multisite has to offer what can you do with it and how? In this post, I’m going to answer some of those questions. I’ll cover:

Some of the possibilities that Multisite gives you, and The techniques, tools and plugins that will help you get the most from Multisite.

Hopefully, in this post I’ll whet your appetite for some of the things you might be able to do with Multisiteand give you the starting informationyou need to do it.

Let’s start with the possibilities.

Multisite: a Wealth of Possibilities!

Multisite offers so much more than a standard WordPress installation. You can use it to manage your business, keep on top of your personal projects, serve a community, and make money.

Hosting Your Own Sites

Are you one of those people who likes to create personal projects, whether they be blogs, portfolio sites, experiments or businesses? Maybe you have dozens of domain names registered for different purposes, or maybe just two.

If you’ve got lots of sites to manage, you’re probably finding it all a bit of a headache. Every time WordPress is updated or your plugins or themes get an update, you have to check through each and every one your sites, meaning you’re spending quite a lot of time managing them.

I’d imagine you don’t havea burning desire to spend your life doing site admin.

Multisite will make your life so much easier. By moving all your personal sites into one Multisite network, you only have one WordPress installationto manage. When there’s a WordPress update: you do it once. When a plugin you use across multiple sites is updated: you do it once. And if you’re using third party themes, you only need to update them once.

What is Multisite? A Guide to Options for Creating an Effective WordPress Networ ...
With Multisite, you only need to update plugins once

There are some extra considerations: you have to test your code on all of the affected sites before running an update, and you should setup a local copy of your network so you can test updates before you activate them on your live site. And you’ll have to keep on top of which themes and plugins you’re using where.

There are tools you can use to help withthis, more of which shortly. And if you want to keep all those domains you registeredfor your individual projects, you can map them to your network. Again, more on this shortly.

Hosting Client Sites

A lot of web developers and designers also set themselves up as hosting resellers. This generally involves buying a reseller hosting package from a hosting provider and then managing your clients’ sites yourself or charging them for access to their own control panel.

But if you’re anything like me, you’d much rather be interacting with the WordPress backend than with cPanel or Web Host Manager. And you’d like to save some money and hassle too.

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