Microsoft is bringing Windows Hello to Active Directory-only environments with C ...

Until now, only customers with Azure Active Directory and hybrid environments with Azure Active Directory Connect were able to use windows Hello authentication solution in Windows 10. With Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is bringing support for Windows Hello to on-premise Active Directory-only environments. Microsoft also highlighted the recently added Dynamic Lock feature which was released to Windows Insiders. Dynamic Lock automatically locks a device when the customer is no longer within proximity. Proximity is calculated based on the distance between a customer’s mobile device and the Windows 10 device using Bluetooth and can be defined in Settings or though policy.

Microsoft is also working with Intel as part of Project EVO in which Windows Hello will be integrated within Intel’s Authenticate technology. Devices with this integration capability is expected by available the end of this year.

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本文标题:Microsoft is bringing Windows Hello to Active Directory-only environments with C ...

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