With the growing popularity of Node.js, memory leaks in Node.js applications are being observed more frequently as the number of long-running server-side applications increases.

Heap dumps might contain the data you need to diagnose memory leaks, but it used to be a challenge knowing precisely when to take the heap snapshot and when to start debugging the issue. Until now. Node Application Metrics now has node-heapdump integration. That means you can automatically trigger Node.js heap dumps when definable conditions occur, such as when total used memory exceeds a threshold.

Of course node-heapdump can be used and automated on its own, but it’s perfect when you use it in combination with the APIs that you get with Node Application Metrics. You then have access to the full breadth and depth of application metrics such as memory and CPU usage, event loop latency, HTTP requests, various Database queries, and much more. What’s more, you can even automate a notification so you know instantly when issue diagnosing has begun. And to make node-heapdump easy to use, it comes precompiled when it’s integrated in Node Application Metrics; you no longer need to compile it before using it. That solves an issue on windows systems especially, where appropriate compilers are not always readily available.


Node Application Metrics on NPM , which covers installation, general use, and APIs. How-to: Heap Snapshots and Handling Node.js Memory Leaks , which covers heap dumps and Chrome Dev Tools. My app can now tell me it’s using more memory , which covers using Node Application Metrics to analyse memory use, and calling the Twitter API to send notifications.

We’re excited by the opportunity this initial node-heapdump integration offers, and we are continuing to explore other ways to help you diagnose Node.js application issues faster and more effectively.

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