windows 10 Creators Update is now feature-complete , and the release of build 15031 marks the switch to rs2_release branch, with Microsoft itself confirming at the developer day earlier this week that the Windows team would now focus entirely on fixing bugs and improving performance.

And while it’s a good thing that the Creators Update finally reached this advanced stage of development, there’s one thing that Microsoft seems to forget about: the overhauled Action Center that the company presented in late October.

At that point, Microsoft presented the biggest features coming in Windows 10 Creators Update, but the company also teased some other changes in a video posted after the show (and which you can watch at the end of the article). The redesigned Action Center, which was supposed to come with a brightness slider and improved UI for quick actions, was also part of this video but somehow didn’t make the cut.

Most of the features that were presented in that video are already part of the existing builds of Windows 10 Creators Update, such as custom accent colors, Windows themes in the Windows Store, and Microsoft Edge tab improvements.

The People experience on the desktop has already been delayed , but there’s still no word on what exactly is happening with the new Action Center that was supposed to come with the OS update.

Delayed until Redstone 3?

And now, it’s time for speculation. Since the new Action Center doesn’t seem to be ready for Windows 10 Creators Update, there’s a chance that Microsoft decided to hold it back until Redstone 3 for one good reason. And its name is Project NEON.

The overhauled Action Center could be part of Microsoft’s visual makeover that the company is working on with Project NEON and the Composable Shell, and because more changes could be implemented as part of these projects, the software giant probably decided that it’s better to postpone the release. Even though it already announced a new Action Center, that is.

Of course, without an official statement from Microsoft, it’s hard to guess the correct reason, but we’ve reached out to the company and we’ll update the article with a statement if it’s provided.

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