Blue Medora today expanded its SaaS monitoring platform, SelectStar , to provide Hadoop and Cassandra performance monitoring in a single view within an organization's database environments.

SelectStar helps data operations and DevOps teams cope with the rapid changes in data platforms and analytics, including the costs, complexity and availability risks. The platform presents a comprehensive view of thousands of health, performance and availability metrics for Hadoop and Cassandra clusters and nodes, as well as historical details for in-depth troubleshooting. With SelectStar, data operations professionals pinpoint and resolve issues faster using a dashboard of an organization's overall data health.

Key benefits of SelectStar Apache Hadoop Monitoring include:

Auto-discovery of Hadoop node managers and data nodes Real-time insight into metrics such as bytes written and read-per-cluster and drill-down information about blocks, applications and containers At-a-glance comparison of HDFS and YARN metrics side-by-side Support for AWS cloud and VMware-based infrastructure

Key benefits of SelectStar Apache Cassandra Monitoring include:

Auto-discovery of Cassandra nodes Real-time insight into metrics such as reads, mutations and memory and drill-down information on latency, activity and garbage collection on all nodes Support for AWS cloud and VMware-based infrastructure

The new SelectStar monitoring services for Apache Hadoop and Cassandra are available immediately from Blue Medora.


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本文标题:Blue Medora Expands SaaS Monitoring Platform to Big Data Analytics Clusters

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