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PHP/FI CHANGE LOG ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| January 9, 1998 Version 2.0.1 - Fix SVR3 portability problem related to getcwd() function - Fix endian problem in getimagesize() function - Fix syslog compile problem for some operating systems - Fix md5 compile problem - Add Apache 1.3 install instructions to README - Add Apache 1.3 automatic module configuration file (modphp.module) - Fix Apache 1.3b2 set_last_info() compile problem - Fix phpinfo() core dump - Fix date format in cookies - Years 2000-2009 were broken - Fix Adabas-D binary and long handling - Fix Oracle NULL values processing bug in Ora_GetColumns() November 12 Version 2.0 - Add Ora_Bind() function - Add GetAllHeaders() function - Fix security holes in examples/{m,my}log.html - Add FPassThru function - Fix compile problem in snmp support - Fix syslog support in configure - Fix some Oracle bugs, add support for NULL columns and - Add support for persistent Oracle connections - Fix array count/unset interactive bug - Add RSort() and ARSort() functions to sort in descending order - CGI version ~user bug fix - Add phpLastModified Apache directive - Fix typo in solid.c - Fix \ bug in Sprintf() - Add FilePro support - Add phpAutoPrependFile/phpAutoAppendFile Apache directives - Add StrTR() function - Add initial Illustra support - Make isset() and unset() work correctly for array elements - Fix NULL blob bug in Solid code - Sybase connections were not being closed - UrlEncode shouldn't be encoding '/' - fixed - Fix blank-line handling in command line -q mode - Fix elseif parser bug - Fix possible 64-bit architecture alignment problem - Push null string onto stack if GetEnv fails - Add shl() and shr() bit shifting functions - Fix buffer underrun in Exec() code - Fix Oracle DateType field length bug - Reverse dbm content-size fix from 2.0b12 for GDBM - Get rid of explicit calls to exit() from Sybase driver - Add sybsql_checkconnect() function - Add GDBM_FIX #define to php.h - Move PHP home web site to php.iquest.net - Fixed SAFE_MODE typos in head.c and var.c - Change mailing list instructions to point to php-list@php.iquest.net - A post'ed "0" should be treated as an integer, not a string - fixed - Date("i") should print " 1" not "01" - fixed - Fix critical bug in the internal FixFilename() function - Fix Oracle example in documentation - Fix dbm logging + DOCUMENT_ROOT bug - Add first cut at ODBC support - Fix mysql_listfields() core dump - Add Ceil() and Floor() functions - Fix $req_* request variables with -'s in them (map to _) - Add Adabas D support - Fixed blob handling for Adabas - Change QuoteMeta to escape ()'s - Make Parser understand ...?> syntax for forward compatibility with PHP3 - Fix md5()-Apache 1.3 compatibility problem - CVS repository moved to www.lerdorf.on.ca June 16 Version 2.0b12 - Fix spinning httpd problem - Was munmap'ing 1 too few bytes - fixed - Add array regression tests - Don't free returned pointer from getlogin() - Fix core dump problems on some platforms caused by calling Exit from within a function in an included file - Optional conversion of postgress field names to lower case in pg_result() function (See PHP_PG_LOWER in php.h) - Array assignment bug fixes - Fix Include from inside a user-defined function - Fix Set/Unset/Set count bug - Have mysql interface check both getlogin and cuserid to find the current user id. - Added ClearStack() hack/workaround function - Fixed potential mmap leak - ++ and -- on first 2 elements of an array were broken in 2.0b11 - fixed - Fix bug associated with sorting an array with deleted items - Fix command-line php.cgi argv bug - Change UrlEncode to encode a space with a + - Fix PATH_DIR bug introduced in b11's security fix code - Add Flush() command to flush output buffer for both module and CGI version - Make System() call flush after each line of output - Prepend owner uid to http auth realm string in safe mode - Add $req_* variables for accessing request header values - Fix SAFE_MODE Exec() calls to not cut off command line arguments - Make pclose() return the status of the executed command - Fix StrongHold related core dump - Fix core dump in count() function when called with a bogus array - Fix Eval() stack problem - Fix Safe Mode problems related to dealing with non-existant files - Fixed compiler warnings - Fixed Solid_Close() bug - Postgres install patch - Add Oracle install/Makefile support - Add LogAs() function - Add NOLOGSUCCESSIVE directive to php.h - Unset single element array bug fix - Add regression test for the above - Fix MySQL username confusion - Add Stronghold compile option to install program - Fix global variable scope bug - Solid BLOB field fix - Change php* Apache directives to be accessible from .htaccess when AllowOverride Options is set as opposed to FileInfo - Add phpEngine Apache directive that is only callable from *.conf files and not .htaccess to let ISP's disable PHP engine while allowing other .htaccess Options to be overridden by .htaccess - dbm content-dsize fix Apr. 23 Version 2.0b11 - Change phpXBitHack default setting to off - Make sure default logging is not mysql if mysql is not available - Rebuild configure script with AutoConf 2.12 - Fixed parse_str() bug which prevented parse_str to set a variable a 2nd time - FastCGI fixes - Fix bugs in Reset(), Next(), Prev(), Key() and End() functions - Date() changes - 0 year arg allowed, return integer type when appropriate - mysql install changes to reflect new single client library setup of 3.20.3+ - Added soundex() function - Fix IsSet() function which was broken in 2.0b10 - Fix ClearStatCache() bug - Added phpDebug Apache configuration directive to turn off ?info screen - Made ?info screen be off by default - Changed mechanism for fetching environment variables on ?info screen - Fixed various array-related problems introduced in 2.0b10 - Fixed mysql hanging connection bug - Extend configure check for crypt() - Fix sort() function to make it work properly with associative arrays - Fix sort() to handle any arbitrary array size - Add Pos() function - Add pgurl example - Add GetImageSize() function based on code from Daniel Schmitt - Fix echo format string escape character bug - Add PNG image format support to GetImageSize() function - Add syslog(3) support - Add md5() function - Lachlan Roche - Add support for mSQL 2.0 specific data types - Add Chop() function - Add ReadFile() function - Add mysql_insert_id() function - Add mysql_affected_rows() function - Rewrite DecHex() and DecOct() to not use floating point - Fix Apache PATH_DIR bug - Fix bug in End() and Prev() functions - Fix Unset/UserDefinedFunction interaction bug - Fix core dump caused by user defined function names longer than 21 chars - Parse escapes before passing argument to Eval() - Fix typo in internal comp_long() function - A number of fixes related to unsetting of arrays - Make HEAD requests to Apache module behave correctly - Fix Solid_FetchRow() bug - Close any open Solid connections upon script termination - Solid_Result($result, ) should work now. This used to SIGSEGV - Better handling of the column length. - Solid Date and time values should be visible now - Solid varchar(5) was always truncated to 4 characters - fixed - Fix MkTime() arg check bug - Fix Eval() so it works when called from inside a function - Add Asort() function to sort an associative array and remove confusing guessing code from the Sort() function - Add basic SNMP support - Fix PATTERN_RESTRICT bug - Add SAFE MODE for shared access restrictions geared at ISP setups - Added Username/Password support to the mysql_connect function - Fix "$a[01]" vs. $a[01] bug - Add Umask() function - Remove windows support files completely - Windows binary available now - Add "-q" flag to CGI version to suppress Content-type header from command line - Sprintf() enhancement by Jaromir Dolecek - Fix zombie process bug in GD interface - Add PHP_DOCUMENT_ROOT by default for CGI version (security advisory related) - Check for '..' in path for CGI version (security advisory related) - Fix buffer overflow problems in FixFilename() function (security advisory) - Add initial support for Oracle databases - Add headers option to Mail() - Add FileType() function - Add CheckDate() function - Mitsuhiro Maeda - Add alloca() function to local.c for systems that don't have it. - Add Username/Password support in all mysql functions - Add cleanup function to make aborted Apache module requests clean up cleanly - Remove trailing slash exception on PATTERN_RESTRICT Jan. 12/97 Version 2.0b10 - Add missing windows_install.txt file - Add Sybase support - Fix broken DecBin() function - Updated lex.c and mysql.c for better mysql support - Fix bug which caused problems with binary file uploads - Add reset_timeout() call to make sure long file uploads don't time out - Update mysql documentation - Remove useless mysql_regcase() function - Fixed postgres95 support for point and bool types - Add IncludePath directive - Fix inline ImageGif double-header problem - Fix getnextchar() function which read 1 char too many - phpXBitHack support - Added ClearStatCache() function to be used before File* functions if cacheing is not desired. - While-loop memory optimizations - Add internal mechanism for creating read-only variables - Cleaned up array copying code; associative arrays can now be merged, and normal arrays can be appended to each other with $a[]=$b; - Escape double-quotes as well as single quotes for Postgres95 if MAGIC_QUOTES is enabled. - Fix non-indexed array handling bug - Fix /* comment */ bug - Add support for global variable variables in functions - Add mysql-based logging (thanks to Wojciech Tryc for the debugging help) - Add mysql-based log analyzer (examples/mylog.html) - Add Sybase documentation - Fix SubVar bug - StrTok multiple delimiter bug fix Dec. 5 Version 2.0b9 - Document msql_close function - Fix large int bug introduced in b8 - Fix decimal point bug introduced in b8 - Fix 'h' Date() problem 00 should be 12 - Fix floating point bug introduced in b8 - Fix some Irix compiler warnings - Add UniqId() function - Add initial rough mysql support - Fix memmove compile problem for SunOS4 - Remove tmagic.c file - an idea that never went anywhere - By popular demand, values with leading zeroes received through GET/POST/COOKIE data are now typed as strings - Add bitwise XOR (^) and bitwise NOT (~) operators to parser - Add mysql documentation to doc.html - Add some helpful hints regarding libgd and libregex to install/Makefile.in - Fix core dump which happened when going off the end of a deleted array - Add very limited Windows 95/NT support - Add initial support for the Solid SQL Engine - Add Mail function - Add mSQL 2.0 specific support - Add MsqlListIndex() function for mSQL 2.0 Nov. 13 Version 2.0b8 - Fix broken PATTERN_RESTRICT code (I broke it in 2.0b7) - Fix array copying bug - Add Parse_Str function - Fix unset($array) bug - Reuse memory of unset arrays - A lot of regex libraries out there seem to be broken. The default is now to use the bundled regex library - Fixed nasty nested user Function/while loop parser bug - Fix silly elseif() bug - Add phpMsqlLogHost Apache directive - Fix ereg_replace() core dump - Fix off-by-one error in lex.c which caused garbage chars on some platforms Many thanks to "Craig P. Forbes" for catching this one. - Fix stack inconsistency which caused 01 != 1 - Add user-callable msql_close() function - Add Apache 1.2 version of old get_client_block() code - Add # comments - # has to be first char on a line inside > block - Eliminate extraneous space in custom header fields in Apache module version Sept. 22 Version 2.0b7 - Make max file size unlimited unless MAX_FILE_SIZE is specified - Fix parser problem which would ignore the last line of a file unless there was a carriage return or newline at the end of it - Fix problem in the lookaheadword function related to curly brace handling - Add check for Apache 1.2 regex support. - Document the fact that WWW-authenticate header must precede HTTP header in order for PHP-based authentication to work with MSIE - Added Pow() function which raises x to the power of y - support building the Apache module as a shared ELF file that will be dynamically loaded by Apache (using Yves' dl_module module); - support for statically linking libmsql and libpq into the .so Apache module; - support for building a libphp shared library on ELF (linux, Solaris) systems; - addition of PHP_USERDIR env. var to override compile default. - Made switch construct handle fall-through's a bit better - Cleaned up #if conditions and made most of them #ifdef to fix problems with older versions of gcc - Switched to Posix regular expression library calls - Included Henry Spencer's Posix-compatible regex library for systems that do not have native Posix regexp support - Added new Extended Regular expression calls Ereg(), Eregi(), Ereg_Replace() and Eregi_Replace() - For backward compatibility, reg_match(), reg_search() and reg_replace() were rewritten using the new Posix calls such that they appear almost identical to the old functions (The Ereg calls are more efficient) Sept. 10 Version 2.0b6 - Add escapes to Date() format string - Fix Include() from within a function bug - Fix Header/SetCookie CGI bug - Fix content-type CGI header bug - Fix lexer code to be more intelligent about which CR/LF's to ignore - Add ability to use $argv[0]...$argv[n] to get command line arguments - Fix msqlDropDB number of arguments bug - Fix stray StripSlashes() call in Popen() function - Nasty curly brace bugs fixed - Escape $ \ and ' in PHP_AUTH_* vars - Added StripSlashes and AddSlashes functions - Added escape support for hexadecimal and octal (see #escapes in doc.html) Aug. 23 Version 2.0b5 - Add StripSlashes() call to crypt() function - Check for fields longer than 63 chars in mSQL logging code since latest versions of mSQL no longer auto-truncate - Added PassThru() function - Fix ImageGif to make it able to return a GIF directly - Lots of changes to documentation - Fix potential core dumps in msql result functions - Added clock.html example program - Made parser ignore CR/LF's if they come before any content (this should make Header() function a bit easier to work with) - Set content-type early on in mod_php.c Aug. 7 Version 2.0b4 - Added 'F','A' and 'a' paramters to Date() function to do full month names, AM/PM and am/pm respectively - Added UrlDecode() function - Fix $PATH_DIR bug (again) - Add snippet of code to allow people to change HTTP/1.0 # string header line using the Header function - Fix ParseEscapes function such that escaping chars that do not need to be escaped gets ignored and only the char is used - PATH_DIR wasn't getting set correctly if PHP_ROOT_DIR was defined - fixed - Added optional variable tracking mechanism - see php.h - Added code to set $PHP_AUTH_USER, $PHP_AUTH_PW and $PHP_AUTH_TYPE if client sends an authorization header - Make auth vars visible on info screen - Fix $ problem in pg95 driver - Added ReadLink() and LinkInfo() functions - Fix DecHex() bug - Altered pg_result to take field names -and- indices - Fix counter-related problem which caused user-defined functions which returned within an if() back into another if() to print an "Expecting Elseif" parse error. (Added test case to check for this) July 18 Version 2.0b3 - Fix typo in file upload code - Add msqlListFields() function - Fix brace bug - Add pg_ErrorMessage() function - Added code to close all open files at the end of a script - Changed return type of Chr() function from integer to string - Fix broken Log10() function - Add Link(), Symlink() and RmDir() functions - Fix EndWhile semi-colon bug - Fix local include references - Update README file to reflect mailing list software change - Added Virtual() function - Added ImageSX() and ImageSY() functions - msqllog enhancement - Fix email/password request screens to not fall through to URL - Fix $PATH_DIR bug - Convert a '.' in a GET/POST/Cookie variable to an underscore - Fix file descriptor check in mod_php.c - Fix UrlEncode bug - Fix inconsistency in return value of file* functions - Clean up (unsigned char *) warnings June 13 Version 2.0b2 - Fix core dump problem related to the PATH_TRANSLATED variable - Make cookie code compatible with Apache 1.0.x servers June. 12 Version 2.0b1 - Fix bug in multiply-called while loops in included files (Thanks to Jeff Allen ) - Fix %c handling bug in FormatCheck() function - Fix obscure associative array bug when returning from a function - Fix over-zealous pool clearing which caused problems with nested function calls in some cases - Fix bug related to having multiple dbm file handles open concurrently - Add 'l' option to date() function to print full name of a day - Added SetCookie function - Added automatic cookie handling similar to GET/POST data handling May. 31 Version 1.99s - Fix Header problem caused by the buffered output code change (patch r1) - Change direct rputs() call to PUTS macro in lex.c (patch r2) - Fix MsqlConnect to make it close an existing connection (patch r2) - Change from right to left recursion in parser to prevent parser stack overflows (patch r2) - Added support for tag-style (patch r3) - Hopefully fixed parser problems with dos-style line endings (patch r3) - Fixed GetVar problem in CGI version (patch r3) - Made backslash escape sequences work in echo format string (patch r3) - Fix bug in HtmlSpecialChars function - Added a couple of regexp regression tests - Changed undefined variable to be treated like a 0 length string-type instead of as an integer. This should lessen the confusion regarding overloaded operator comparison problems. - Added EscapeShellCmd() function for escaping user input to exec and system calls. - Fixed bug which caused an Exit call to not work inside a function - Fixed bug in '@' handling May. 22 Version 1.99r - Forgot to clear out CGI-based memory pools - fixed - Added buffered output of normal HTML text (stuff outside > tags) - Added feof() function - Added fgetss() function - Stripped any backslashes from fopen() and popen() filename arguments - Cleaner version of ParseEscapes() function from Tom Javen - Changed mail form example to use a pipe rather than a temp file May. 17 Version 1.99q - Fixed Apache module bug for user-defined functions in included files (p1) - Added FastCGI support (p1) - Added Unix domain socket support to fsockopen() call - thanks to patch from Vivek Khera - Fixed bug in SubVar routine - Implemented memory pools for CGI version - should stop all memory leaks - Removed "no file" error message on file upload - Made CGI version completely re-entrant - Removed all references to "efree" - Included parser is now built using Bison 1.25 instead of 1.24 - configure script is built using Autoconf 2.10 instead of 2.9 - Fixed typo in var.c which caused problems when re-assigning array elements - Block alarms in Apache module during an mSQL query to avoid bleeding memory in the mSQL API - Added & " < > to the list of characters to be expanded by the HtmlSpecialChars function - Added popen() and pclose() functions for opening and closing pipes - Added Eval() function - Fixed HAVE_MMAP macro name conflict May. 11 Version 1.99p - Changed memory management from a singe session pool to multiple sub-pools in Apache module - Made while loops stop pushing and popping things onto and from the while stack on every iteration - Added a variation of Tim Hoek's formatted Echo enhancements - Echo now supports up to 5 arguments along with the formatting string - Added format string checking to Sprintf function - Fixed PATH_DIR core and include bugs - Optimized conditional stack handling to re-use allocated stack structures - Optimized variable re-assignment to only allocate a new block of memory if new value will not fit in the previously allocated space - Fixed curly-brace problem when used within functions - Changed Makefile to copy libphp.a to Apache directory - suggested by Thomas Bullinger May. 7 Version 1.99o - Fixed bug related to unset() command - Fixed stack frame bug which caused problems with static variables in nested function calls - Fix parser stack problems when a function returned early from inside an if/while/switch construct - Minor SunOS4 configuration/install changes - Upgraded from Autoconf-2.4 to Autoconf-2.9 and fixed configure.in to be more intelligent. - Added extra GD functions - ImageCreateFromGif() and ImageCopyResized() from patch by Endaf Jones - Clean up doc.html tags - thanks to David Perry - Moved basic function calls to lexical analyzer - cut parse.c size in half Note the change to the procedure for adding new functions to PHP - Implemented { and } which means you can now do: if(...) { ...; } as well as the old: if(...); ...; endif; - Re-arranged some things in the lexical analyzer to try to get some better performance out of the parser (didn't help much) - Fixed $PATH_DIR bug - Fixed Exit bug - it didn't exit when called from an included file Apr. 30 Version 1.99n - Fixed GET method variable core dump in Apache module version (patch m1) - Fix problem with Header command in Apache module version (patch m1) - Added phpVersion() function (patch m1) - Fixed Apache Module initialization problem when compiled without access control (patch m2) - $PATH_INFO fix for Apache module version (patch m2) - Caused fatal exit if debug file cannot be opened in DEBUG mode (patch m3) - Fixed nasty GetVar bug introduced in m2 (patch m3) - Added $PHP_SELF variable to represent document's own URL correctly in both Apache module and regular CGI version. This should be used in place of $SCRIPT_NAME$PATH_INFO - example scripts have been updated to reflect this - Blanked out $SCRIPT_NAME variable when running as Apache module - Fixed core dump in reg_search() function - Fixed potential memory leak in deletearray function - Fixed potential busy-loop in parser if a comment was not terminated - Added ability to do a #!/bin/php.cgi when running from the command line to use php.cgi as a command line scripting language (Not sure why anybody would want to do this though) - Fixed core dump when include file could not be found from command line - Fixed Apache module coredump in dbm interface - Added $PATH_TRANSLATED to Apache module for CGI compatibility Apr. 25 Version 1.99m - Fixed various small compile problems - Fixed memory re-allocation bug in stack.c/var.c - This bug affected variable substitution when the variable content was excessively long. - Fixed broken regression testing scripts (make test) - Fixed off-by-one memory allocation error in the RegReplace code - Made Apache module version compatible with the 1.0 Apache API - Made ?config screen work in Apache module Apr. 23 Version 1.99l - Initial Apache Module Support (For Apache 1.1 API) - Added phpinfo() function to aid in debugging - Removed stack check from SetVar function - Fixed stack problem in mktime() function - Added Chr() function - Fix buffer limit in Debug() function - Fix Msql() return codes Apr. 16 Version 1.99k - Added support for the postgres95 database. [Adam Sussman (asussman@vidya.com)] - Added File() function - Fixed bug in DecBin() function - Added setsince.html to examples directory (sets "hits since" date for dbm logs) - Added unset() function to undefine a variable Apr. 10 Version 1.99j - Added "first" key handling to examples/log.html - Moved comment identifying from parser to lexer - now all sorts of combinations of comments are handled correctly - thanks to suggestion from alex@2win.com - Fixed order problem with extra libraries in install - Fixed Error print state problem - Added SetErrorReporting() function as a more general way to disable error message printing - Documented the above and fixed up the cgi redirection section - Made mlog.phtml log viewer propogate password/email - Added sprintf function - Documented sprintf function and added section on handling SELECT MULTIPLE - Made non-MMAP systems buffer entire file to avoid any file seeks - Removed incomplete and outdated NSAPI code - Added ability to define functions and call them - Fixed annoying Header problem in error.c - Added global and static variable support to function mechanism - Added regression tests for function mechanism - Added function parameter passing and return values - Made parser re-entrant (Bison pure_parser) - This has the slight drawback that the parser is now GNU Bison dependant. "make parser" now requires bison to generate a correct parser - Documented new function feature Apr. 2 Version 1.99i - Added urlencode() function - Added Sin(), Cos(), Tan(), Exp(), Log(), Log10() and Abs() math functions - Added Ord(), QuoteMeta() and UcFirst() functions - Added "first" access dbm entry to dbm-based logging - thanks to Greg Sawicki - Ouch! Non-code related bug. My hand broke. - Fixed GD-related documentation typos - Fixed PHP_ROOT_DIR related core dump - thanks to Greg Sawicki - Fixed core dump in malformed regexp register expressions Mar. 26 Version 1.99h - Minor fixes to doc.html documentation (g1) - Fixed compiler warning in rand.c (g1) - Changed install script to correct inconsistency in CFLAGS (g1) - Fixed TEXTAREA file upload bug in mime.c. Thanks to a patch from Marc Druilhe (g1) - Added getenv() function (g1) - Documented getenv() function - Fixed bug in msql_listdbs() function - Made parser ignore cr/lf and other control chars within > blocks - Changed dbm logging to get its "start_logging" data from the first log entry instead of trying to get it from the stat struct for the log file - Added return status to exec() and system() commands. For backwards compatibility the return status is returned in a passed variable. ie. exec("cmd",$array,$ret) and system("cmd",$ret) The return status will be in $ret - Cleaned up date formatting command - Fixed numerous typos in documentation - Added register support to regular expression functions - Added long section on regular expressions to documentation - Added section to README on how to access the PHP source tree with CVS Mar. 18 Version 1.99g - Fixed typos in msql.c (f1) - Added default log/acc dir stuff to install program (f1) - Re-fixed logging bug (this was fixed in patch e2 but somehow escaped) (f2) - Fixed missing entity in HtmlSpecialChars function - Modified ParseEscapes() function to make it possible to escape \n with \\n in a reg_replace() call or anywhere else for that matter(f3) - Fixed documentation bug in strrchr() explanation - from Robert J. Lebowitz - Added msql_ListDbs(), msql_dbName(), msql_DropDB(), msql_CreateDB() from patch by cwcheng@ucla.edu - Documented the above - Made install/configure script much smarter thanks to work by Gary Shea install will now ask for any extra include/lib directories that should be searched for the various libraries needed by PHP/FI - Made configure look for lrand48() function which it will use instead of rand() if present - suggested by Kenneth Holmlund - Changed VarTree data structure to support doubly-linked lists in order to be better able to traverse arrays - Added Reset() function to reset an array pointer back to the beginning - Added End() function to move an array pointer to the end - Added Next() and Prev() functions to move array pointer ahead and back one - Added Key() function to determine the index of the current array item - Documented the above functions Mar. 8 Version 1.99f - Fixed compile problem for non-mSQL systems (patch e1) - Fixes to examples/mlog.html msql-log viewer - Fix logging bug on pages on which logging is turned off (patch e2) - When no logging was enabled, a footer would still appear -fixed (patch e3) - Added msql_listtables() and msql_tablename() functions from patch by mark@opencad.com and cwcheng@ucla.edu - Fixed ?config bug on internally generated pages - Fixed core dump when called from command line with invalid filename - Added HtmlSpecialChars() function Mar. 6 Version 1.99e - Added socket and microtime functions contributed by Paul Panotzki - Fixed re-allocation bug in var.c which broke things when a variable substition resulted in a string longer than 1024 bytes - Added option to store log data in an mSQL database as opposed to a dbm file - Added PATTERN_RESTRICT compile-time option - this enables you to compile php/fi to allow it to only open files whose names match the given pattern - Added blurb on non-indexed arrays to documentation - Cleanups in file.c - added filename to "Unable to open file" message - Fixed bug in post.c which caused GET method array variables to be rejected by the security mechanisms - Fixed fseek() yacc bug in parse.raw - Moved logging calls to Exit() routine in lex.c to enable logging on pages that call exit() - Removed dependency between setlogging() and setshowinfo() - Logging for both dbm and msql based methods behaves slightly differently now. The page footer is now shown before any log entries are added. - Fixed header bug which caused the default "content-type: text/html" header to be sent prematurely. - Fixed PHP_ROOT_DIR bugs - thanks to Georg Hessmann - Added blurb on using the new Netscape Server Redirection Module to the documentation - Added "Security Issues" blurb to documentation - Added GetStartLogging() function - this returns the time when access logging commenced for a given page - Added mlog.html log database viewer application to view msql-based logs. This corresponds to the log.html application used for dbm-based logging. Feb. 19 Version 1.99d - The rewritten ParseEscapes function was broken in a major away (patch c1) - Logging bugs (patches c2 and c3) - Fgets needs to have special characters escaped (patch c4) - Once again fixed logging problems related to the include command (patch c5) - Added setlocale() call to beginning of main() for non-English language support (patch c6) - Small change to _RegReplace to not print an error when the string argument is an empty string #ifdef typo in mime.c - Added check to OpenFile() to disallow loading files that look like temporary files from the File Upload function - Added check for a MAX_FILE_SIZE variable to be defined as a hidden field before the file field in a file upload form. If present, it gives the max size in bytes an uploaded file may be. - Cleaned up error reporting a bit - Fixed year 2000 bug in date() function - Added install question to query whether or not file upload support is desired - Added a "BROKEN_CONFIG_PW" #define to php.h for those people who cannot get ?config to accept their password no matter what they do. - Windows versions of NetScape seem to send the full local pathname of a file in the file upload feature - added code to only store the last component of this path. - Added #if LOGGING code around Logging lines in acc.c to fix compile problem when access control is selected without logging - Fixed putenv-free bug in file.c - Thanks to Kenneth Holmlund for finding this one - Added \n \r \t processing to "header" command - Added $$variable syntax to support variable variable names - Did more work on the NSAPI support - still not functional yet - Initial work for supporting Empress (a full commercial RDBMS) - Made msql() function return "-1" on a failed query - New internal variable: $phperrmsg - This will contain any error message that may be generated by PHP. Especially useful in conjunction with the '@' character which hides error messages from being shown from certain functions - Fixed logging bug related to "include" command - Made msql_regcase() a bit smarter so it doesn't do [11][22] for example - Added stuff to doc/doc.html - Added chmod(), chown() and chgrp() native PHP functions Jan. 24 Version 1.99a (Not quite ready to call it 2.0 yet) - Fixed floating point multiplication bug - Fixed Guestbook bug - Fixed SecureVar() bug - Fixed core dump which happened when running PHP from the command line and the file the file argument pointed to did not exist - Added setshowinfo() and setlogging() functions to be able to enable/disable logging and info blocks from within a script as opposed to having to use the ?config screen to do it - Actual log entry is done after page is loaded now both in order for setlogging() to work and for performance reasons - Fixed bug in CheckType function which would incorrectly cast a posted variable like "-0.5" to be a string instead of a double. - Fixed bug in lex.c which prevented something like: $a = .05; from parsing correctly - Added usleep() function - Fixed \\" bug. Two backslashes followed by a quote character would mess up parsing from thereon. - Removed the StripSlashes() call right before the msqlQuery() call in msql.c. We don't want the slashes stripped at this point. - Added a MAGIC_QUOTE #define to php.h. If MAGIC_QUOTES is defined, then the single quote (') character will automatically be escaped when it is found in a variable which comes from either a GET or a POST method form. - Added File Upload support. - Finally fixed the bug which caused the page counter to be stuck at 1 for the first two hits on a page. - log filenames are no longer based on inodes, but on the actual filename. NOTE This makes logs from previous versions incompatible! - Fixed a number of logging related bugs which could potentially have caused core dumps in earlier versions. - Added a default password of "php" to the ?config screen. This password will be used in case the getpwuid() call to get a user's alphanumeric user id fails. ie. if you run PHP ?config for the first time and your user id does not work as your password, try entering: php Dec. 8 Version 1.99 - Fixed minor compile problem related to compiling without MMAP support - Added rwho.html example - Fixed compile problem in var.c - Added |= and &= operators - Added support for \n, \r and \t within strings - Cleaned up regexpr code to make it more ANSI compliant to be able to use bounds-checking version of gcc (xgcc) - Cleaned up bison-generated parser code to make it more ANSI compliant to be able to use xgcc - Fixed inconsistencies in StrTok() function (found by xgcc) - Fixed nasty "off-by-one" memory allocation bug in dbm module (found by xgcc) - Package is now distributed under GPL - Changed from a dynamically to a statically allocated buffer in TempNam() to get around xgcc (perhaps unfounded?) complaints - Fixed potential core dump in log.c found by xgcc - Fixed potential core dump in exec.c found by xgcc - Added mail.html example to examples directory Nov. 18 Version 1.98 - Added msql_regcase() function which changes a string like "abc" to "[aA][bB][cC]" - Added C-like += and -= operators to parser - Changed StrVal() function to return the argument's string value - Added IntVal() and DoubleVal() functions to return the argument's integer and double values respectively - Added SetType() and GetType() functions to set/get a variable type - Added sys/types.h include to php.h to fix problem on BSDi 1.1 - Major Makefile modifications to prepare for NSAPI support - Code changes to prepare for NSAPI support - Added mktime() function - Changed escape character (backslash) handling - Fixed error reporting bug when an error occurs after an included file (the wrong filename was showing up in the error message) - Added "table.field" syntax for getting results of joins in msql_result() function - When a variable is used as both indexed and unindexed, the unindexed contents is synomymous with index "0" - Using a veriable in this manner core dumped php previously - Small change to the FixFilename() function to load file.htm if file.html is not found and file.htm is present - Added SecureVar() function to be able to mark variables as not being allowed to be set by the GET method. This is to prevent people from faking variable settings in secure environments. - Added BinDec() function to convert a string representing a binary number to decimal - Added DecBin() function to convert a long integer to a binary number in a string - Added HexDec() function to convert from a hex string to a long integer - Added DecHex() function to convert from a long integer to a hex string - Added OctDec() function to convert from an octal to a decimal number - Added DecOct() function to convert from a decimal to an octal number - Added SubStr() function - Lots of new stuff in the doc/php.html documentation - Increased parser stack size (should make parser stack overflow errors go away) - Major changes to parser yacc code to reduce shift/reduce conflicts and completely eliminate reduce/reduce conflicts - Added Fopen(), Fclose(), Fgets(), Fputs(), Rewind(), Ftell() and Fseek() functions for manipulating text files - MAJOR performance enhancement! Files are now mapped directly into memory using the mmap() system call. This will improve performance on all page loads, but will be most apparent on pages with while loops with many iterations. - Fixed long-standing bug related to initial access logging - Removed **, // and %% operators. They didn't make much sense and only served to make the parser more complex than necessary - Fixed bug in log.html where first entry would always show a date in 1969 - Minor fixes to survey.html and guestbook.html examples. ie. replace strval() with intval() calls - Made PHP script error message reporting more informative. The actual character which triggered the error is highlighted now. - Added GetMyPid() function - returns current php process id - Fixed busy-loop problem on bogus URL's which occurred on certain systems. Linux/Apache systems seemed to be most sensitive to it. - Added missing "division by zero" check - Added &, | and ^ operators - mathematical AND, OR and XOR - Added ChDir() function - VAR_INIT_CHAR definition in php.h to allow customization of variable designation character Nov. 7 Version 1.97 - Removed extraneous debug message from conf.c - Small changes in dns.c regarding error reporting - Stripped any trailing whitespaces from end of exec strings - Fixed array variable substitution in " " expressions bug - Added PutEnv() function - Fixed bug in Header command - it wasn't sending a carriage return - Included Bison 1.24 generated parse.c file - Changed Makefile to not try to generate parse.c ('make parser' to generate parse.c if you need to) - Fixed possible infinite loop in RegReplace() function - Modified mSQL support to allow for multiple connections to multiple msql daemons on either the same machine or on different machines. (To work correctly, this requires some minor mSQL modifications) - Removed length check on EMAIL_ADDR variable - Fixed \" bug - now any character may be escaped inside a quoted string - Removed "." default directory suggestion from install script - Small fixes to survey.html and guestbook.html example programs Nov. 1 Version 1.96 - Fixed bug in log.html - missing dbmclose() call. - Fixed various type-related issues which should make PHP compile and work nicely on 64-bit architectures like DEC's Alpha. - Added VIRTUAL_HOST #define to php.h to overcome SCRIPT_NAME bug on some httpd's when virtual hosts are used. - Fixed space problem in form GET/POST data support. Oct. 30 Version 1.95 - Fixed ?config problem related to matching on e-mail addresses - Added ability to edit entries in example guestbook - Added YYMAXDEPTH 50000 definition to parse.y to eliminate stack overflows in older versions of bison - Added support for Tom Boutell's GD library - Added ImageCreate(), ImageDestroy(), ImageGif(), ImageSetPixel(), ImageLine(), ImageRectangle(), ImageFilledRectangle(), ImageArc(), ImageFillToBorder(), ImageFill(), ImageColorAllocate(), ImageColorTransparent(), ImageInterlace() functions - Added tempnam() function - Added unlink() function - Added rename() function - Added sleep() function - Added ?url to Location directive on external E-mail and Password forms enabling people to write these external forms and use $argv[0] as the form to go to once an e-mail address/password has been entered - Added the ability to specify an array variable in the exec() call to store all lines of output from the given Unix command in - Fixed linenumber report inconsistency in error message when file had a while loop - Added Max() and Min() functions to return the maximum or minimum element of an array - Improved the docs/php.html documentation - Fixed bug in file...() functions - Added ImagePolygon() and ImageFilledPolygon() functions which take a PHP array of x,y points as arguments - Changed msql_result() to ensure it never returned NULL - Changed echo command to not print an error if argument is NULL - Rewrote FixFilename function to allow ~username expansion. Also made it chdir() to the directory where the current html file is located to allow relative paths in the tag. Also made it first try to load index.html and then Overview.html if given filename is a directory. - Added PATH_DIR variable to be only the directory portion of PATH_INFO - Fixed potential bug in Exec()/System() functions - Optimized stat code to remove redundant calls - Added PHP_PUB_DIRNAME and PHP_ROOT_DIR configurable options to php.h - Added ImageChar(), ImageCharUp(), ImageString() and ImageStringUp() functions - Added survey.html example - Added traditional GET method support - Added explanation to php.html on how to propogate e-mail addresses using new GET method support Oct. 22 Version 1.94 - Fixed numerical variable name bug in var.c - Fixed potential floating point exception core dump - Fixed Arithmetic snafu - Fixed unary minus bug - Fixed include command bug - Change in acc.c to convert domain name and e-mail address to lower case before doing a match. - Change in file.c to look for given file relative to location of php binary if file cannot be found relative to server's root_dir. - Change in file.c to force loading of either index.html or Overview.html if the given path is a directory - Added guestbook to examples directory - Fixed day of week bug in date.c - Added support for brackets in conditional expressions - Fixed sort bug and made sort function type aware - Fixed bug in Exit() - I was closing a null fp in some cases Oct. 19 Version 1.93 - Changed /bin/more to /usr/bin/more in install - Fixed typo in config.h.in -lgdbm comment - Fixed compile problem when access control and access logging is disabled - Changed internal re_* function names to php_re_* to avoid conflicts on SGI boxes - Changed msqlsethost() function name to msql_connect() to be consistent - Added multiple result cursors to mSQL support - Changed syntax of msql_result() function - Added msql_freeresult() function - Added msql_fieldname() function - Added msql_fieldtype() function - Added msql_fieldlen() function - Added msql_fieldflags() function - Added msql_numrows() function - Added msql_numfields() function - Updated demo_msql.html to reflect above changes - Fixed various minor things to get it to compile cleanly on SunOS4.1.3 - Fixed msql library detection problem - Fixed Makefile bug which caused ACCESS_DIR error messages on some systems - Added some more info to the ?info screen Oct. 17 Version 1.92 - First public release of the code Oct. 9 Version 1.91 - Complete rewrite of original PHP and integrated into code Sept. 18 Version 1.90 - Complete rewrite of original FI. ... June 22 1995 Personal Homepage Tools 1.08 June 8 1995 Personal Homepage Tools 1.0 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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