I ntel’s Atom C2000 chips are bricking products, and it’s not just Cisco hit. From the theregister :

Intel’s Atom C2000 processor family has a fault that effectively bricks devices, costing the company a significant amount of money to correct. But the semiconductor giant won’t disclose precisely how many chips are affected nor which products are at risk. Coincidentally, Cisco last week issued an advisory warning that several of its routing, optical networking, security and switch products sold prior to November 16, 2016 contain a faulty clock component that is likely to fail at an accelerated rate after 18 months of operation .

Intel has “ Silvermont ” which is a microarchitecture for low-power Atom, Celeron and Pentium branded processors used in systems on a chip (SoCs) made by Intel. It includes:

Avoton SoCs for micro-servers and storage devices. Rangeley SoCs targeting network and communication infrastructure. A list of Intel atom models affected

If you have SoCs with the following model, you need to backup all your data and send it to OEM or Intel:

C2308 C2338 C2350 C2358 C2508 C2518 C2530 C2538 C2550 C2558 C2718 C2730 C2738 C2750 C2758

You can use the following command on FreeBSD/FreeNAS NAS server or pfSense router/firewall based to find out more about your cpu:

$ sysctl -a | grep -i hw.model

Sample outputs:

hw.model: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2750 @ 2.40GHz

linux userstry lscpu command to find out cpu model:

$ lscpu $ cat /proc/cpuinfo

A list of OEM’s that uses Intel atom in their devices

These SoCs are popular in the FreeNAS, pfSense and DIY NAS home server for being cheap, low power, ECC ram and multiple SATA ports. The replacement is hard as the CPU soldered to the board on these systems. Contact the vendor for RMA:

Cisco Synology NAS FreeNAS mini Netgate sg4860 QNAP NAS

Other vendors using Atom C2000 chips include Aaeon, HP, Infortrend, Lanner, NEC, Newisys, Netgate, Quanta, Supermicro, and ZNYX Networks.

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