Microsoft has finally removed its listing for the Surface 3 from its online Stor ...

We've known for some time that Microsoft was planning to end production of the Surface 3 by the end of last year . By November 1, the device was out of stock in the US, UK, France, and more . Today though, almost three months later, the company has finally removed the tablet's listing in the US Microsoft Store.

During Microsoft's earnings call this week , the firm repeatedly said that it was phasing out the Surface 3 in favor of the Book and Pro 4. Naturally, this might imply the lack of a Surface 4; however, some have speculated that Microsoft's announcement to run full windows 10 on ARM processors would make room for such a device.

The Surface 3 does stand out from the rest of the non-Pro line of Surfaces. Its two predecessors, Surface RT and 2, did use ARM processors and ran Microsoft's failed Windows RT and RT 8.1 operating systems, respectively. The Surface 3, now almost two years old, used an Intel Atom processor, making it able to run "full" Windows.

If you head over to the US Microsoft Store's listing for the device , you'll now be redirected to the Store's homepage. The UK Store, however, still has a listing for students , but as you might expect, it's out of stock.

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本文标题:Microsoft has finally removed its listing for the Surface 3 from its online Stor ...

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