You can now get a Surface Pro 4 with the luxury Signature Type Cover for 9

Earlier this week, the Microsoft Store began selling the Surface Pro 4 without its Pen for the first time . Only the entry-level Pro 4 - with an Intel Core m3 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage - is available without the Pen there, but some other retailers have been offering the same Pen-free configuration for some time now.

The Microsoft Store is currently offering the Core m3 model with no Pen, and no keyboard, for $799 . But over at Best Buy, you can now get a much better deal.

The retailer is selling the same Surface Pro 4 Core m3 model, excluding the Pen, but including Microsoft's Signature Type Cover keyboard , which is covered in luxury Alcantara fabric, and usually costs $159.99 . Best Buy is offering that bundle for $699.99 , compared with the total cost of $958.99 from the Microsoft Store.

If you want to add the Pen to your purchase, Best Buy is also offering it for less than the Microsoft Store - from $52.99 , compared with its full price of $59.99.

Source: Best Buy

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本文标题:You can now get a Surface Pro 4 with the luxury Signature Type Cover for $699

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