We’ve all heard of windows Hello by now, but have you heard of Windows Goodbye? Just as Windows Hello compatible devices can log you into your device with ease, Windows Goodbye will log you out just as easily.

The feature is actually called Dynamic Lock, but Windows Central reports that it is internally referred to as Windows Goodbye (which we think is a much nicer name). The feature determines if you’re at your device and if not, will automatically lock it.

Windows can already be configured to automatically lock a device after a set period of inactivity, but Dynamic Lock might be a smarter, more responsive version of the same thing. There are no details on how it works, but it’s been speculated that Dynamic Lock will, for instance, use Windows Hello compatible cameras or proximity sensors of sorts to “see” if you’re there or not.

One can also hope that Dynamic Lock will not lock your device when you’re sitting right next to it but not using it.

Dynamic Lock a.k.a. Windows Goodbye will arrive on Windows 10 PCs as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update that’s scheduled for April.

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本文标题:Dynamic Lock for Windows 10 will bring intelligent locking to your PC in April

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