Adam’s 2016 in review

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I love these end of year posts. When you’re in the thick of a project, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees, but when you stop, reflect, and look back… it’s a beautiful landscape. That’s what this year has been like.Celebrity deaths, the US election, the SSW reno… phew. This year has had it all.


It has been thrilling and astounding to watch the growth of SSW TV . At the end of SSW TV’s first year, we had 50,000 views. In our fifth year, we’re now at more than 20 times that. How far we’ve come!

Each year I’ve beenwatched the growth, and have blogged about it. As I wrote in last year’s review post, at the end of 2015 we were at just under1 millionviews. This year, we’re at 1.5 million.

Snapshot: 2015 2016 Views 969,486 1,500,000+ Years of video watched 11 years 19 years Subscribers 8,000 12,556 Analytics comparison 2015 v 2016
Adam’s 2016 in review
Figure: YoutubeAnalytics for 2015
Adam’s 2016 in review
Figure: YoutubeAnalytics for 2016 Angular 2:

We’ve been fans of Angular since it was first released back in 2014, but with the official release of Angular 2, its popularity has exploded! We have used it on most of our client projects and also for many internal projects such as SugarLearning and SSWTimePro . In addition, we’ve been sharing the love by running Angular hack days and packed out Angular training courses .

We ran multiple full day intensive training courses in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and each of these sold out. Its popularity is well deserved. Angular is a fantastic framework and we look forward to continuing working with it in 2017 and continuing our best practiceswith Rules to Better Angular 2 .

Power BI:

2016 was the year of Power BI. In October I wrote about SSW’s Power BI upgrade , and the way it has transformed our business reporting. Static reports are now interactive, and I can drill down or slice the data as needed to get information quickly. As a result, we can make decisions quickly and with confidence and it’s simplified our monthly finance meetingconsiderably. It’s either replaced or been integrated into many of our previous SQL Reporting services, and powers our data coming fromMicrosoft CRM, MYOB, SSWTimepro.com , plus some auxiliary systems, such as Skype for Business (our calls), and VisualStudio.com and GitHub.com (our source code).

:star::star::star:Power BI is a star! We’re not the only ones loving it.The SSW TV video “ Going Hardcore on your Business Intelligence with Power BI “, published in September 2015, is our most popular SSW TV video of all time. At this time last year it had 27,000 views, and is now at more than 110,000!


I’m really happy with the ALM process at SSW. We do Scrum well, the sprint reviews go well, and the guys doing the Scrum Master role are pretty solid. Our DevOps story is less mature but we are doing a better job across the projects, checking that the software is healthy each morning and recording more and more metrics so we have a picture of the health of our environments. The developers are always keen to be knocking the next thing off the back log but that’s not always helpful when your application has a knife in its leg.

While we started using Application Insights in 2015, 2016 was the year it really took off. In 2016 we also incorporated Raygun and javascript unit tests into our arsenal and the results have been awesome.

We integrated Application Insights into our sprint reviews, which let everyoneknow we were attending to the current health of the application each sprint. We use Raygun on a daily basis to hunt down, fix, and mark issues as resolved. With these tools, we’ve successfully reducingreported bugs and performances issueson many projects.

We’ve got it pretty much sorted on the back-end services C# side, but we have a way to go on the front-end.With technologies like Angular and the need for more reactive applications, we’re writing more JavaScript than ever. In the past we mostly used unit tests to test our back-ends and MVC controllers written in C#, but we areextending our unit testing to the front-end, to now include testing for our UI components.WithJavaScript unit testing,we’re able to do just that, so we’re now more confident in the quality and stability of our front-end code.

Sydney: Therenohell, volume III

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and what a journey it has been!

In my 2015 end of year post, I wrote about purchasing an adjoining suite in the Sydney office. With dedication and hard work, this year we turned that space into the SSW Chapel in record time, and it is awesome! Part open-plan dev space, part event space, it’s perfect for running user groups, courses, and other events, and we haveused it well the most packed out event of the year was Scott Hanselman.

The job is not done yet though: the rest of the offices are getting a makeover as well.Parts of the office are still a building site as we create new modern work spaces,break out rooms, a fancy new board room, and even a sleeping nook. But what I’m most excited about are the automated devices we’ve been integrating as we build. Expect a blog post soon all about the new officeautomation and all the possibilities.


Presenting has always been one of my favourite things about what I do. Getting to share what I’m passionate about with others who are similarly keen is fantastic, and if I get to travel the world to do it, even better! My wifeasks me, is this travel work or fun? I always tell her, it’s work! :grinning::grinning:

This year I was lucky to speak at many events. These were my highlights:

NDC Oslo NDC Australia DDD Sydney Presented Locknote

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