One of the great things about windows 10 is that every six months, you can expect to see new functionality introduced throughout the user interface. The Start menu, in particular, has come a long way from the initial release version 1507 introduced in 2015. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update added welcome customization options, which make the Start menu easier to use and manage.One addition to the Start Menu introduced in the Anniversary Update―the new All Apps column―has received mixed feedback, though. For those of you who disliked the clutter of the All Apps column, the next big Windows release (dubbed the “Creators Update”) brings good news: you can now hide the app list in the Start Menu.

Editor’s note:In October 2016, Windows announced the Windows 10 Creators Update slated for public released in March/April 2017. We’ve been testing out the new features that are now available for Windows Insiders. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can get a sneak preview of all the upcoming features in the Creators Update.

How to Hide the App List in the Start Menu in Windows 10 Creators Update

A new option added to the Start menu settings is the ability to hide tiles when browsing through the All Apps list. Here’s how to find it:

Go to Start > Settings > Personalization. Selec the Start tab on the right. Toggle on the option Hide app list in Start menu .
Windows 10 Tip: How to Hide the All Apps Column in the Start Menu (Windows 10 Cr ...

Now, when you click the Start, your list of apps ishidden, while a tab for All a pps now appears at the top of the menu.

Windows 10 Tip: How to Hide the All Apps Column in the Start Menu (Windows 10 Cr ...

When you click the All apps tab, you will see a list of all installed apps, but a big difference is that your pinned tiles on the Start are hidden from view. The behavior ironically makes the All apps list look like the old classicWindows 95 Start menu, especially if you unpin everything from the Start menu and resize it. I personally would have loved if this was the default layout, but users will have to manually unpin each tile if they want that.

Windows 10 Tip: How to Hide the All Apps Column in the Start Menu (Windows 10 Cr ...

The ability to hide the apps list is a minor tweak, but cumulatively, these incremental changes to the Start menu options give you a good amount of control over how Windows 10 looks on your device. This lets you cater it to your screen size and your personal preferences.Other options such asfull-screen mode perfect for tablets are still available. You can still apply other customization options such as resizing your Start menu and adding more tiles on the Start menu. For more Start menu customization tips, check out our other articles about customizing the Start menu, such as pinning websites to the Start menu , pinning settings to the Start menu , and finding your applications quickly oradding a shortcut to the desktop.

What do you think? Are these ongoing improvements enough to make you a believer in Windows 10? If so, let us know and tell us what else you would like to see.

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本文标题:Windows 10 Tip: How to Hide the All Apps Column in the Start Menu (Windows 10 Cr ...

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