If I had a dollar for every tab open on my computer right now I could afford to eat something besides these mini donuts for lunch (even though they are good for me I suppose). I think I may still have a tab open somewhere with a very malnourished NeoPet on it. That’s how hoarder-esque we can all be when it comes to browsing the web these days.

Opening a new tab happens automatically for most of us. Ibarely give the new hubtime to load before I’vetyped “what does ‘lit’ mean/how to be cool” into Google. But one company is trying to make the experience of a new tab not only memorable, but educational for fans of virtual reality.

‘SVRF Tabs’ Is a Chrome Extension That Turns New Windows Into 360 Images

Earlier this week, SVRF launched a new Google Chrome extension that transformseach of your newly opened tabs into sweeping 360 photos. According toVRF Co-Founder and CEO Sophia Dominguez:

“As we’ve been building SVRF, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to get people to experience VR/360 on a daily basis and build a routine around it. We realized some of the most under-utilized, ‘immersive’ real-estate is within browser tabs (a big, bright screen that takes up an entire view, that people spend most of their day staring at), so we thought ‘Why not put beautiful 360 content in every tab?”

With SVRF Tabs, you may find yourself actually pausing on each new screen you open in order to see and enjoy the beautiful, interactive vista it has generated. You can then click on the “discover” button to learn more about each of the creator of each 360 photo and see more of their work. Now, a mundane every task is a chance to discover content that you may never otherwise have experienced.

SVRF proper is a search and discovery tool for virtual reality content.The goal of the company is “to help educate and expose consumers to virtual reality by making all virtual reality content easily accessible and searchable through a personalized experience.”

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