What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7

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January 3, 2017 #wordpress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 was only recently released in December andnumerous user experience and developer, not to mention Twenty Seventeen, a brand new default theme.

If you haven’t already checked out this new version of WordPress, here’s what you need to know.

Introducing the Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme

Work began on Twenty Seventeen shortly after last year’s theme, Twenty Sixteen, was complete and now we can reap the rewards. Twenty Seventeen is a theme that aims for simplicity while introducing a host of advanced features that showcase the powers WordPress has been endowed with since Twenty Sixteen.

The most noticeable of these features is the video header. You can now add MP4 videos, which will be used as header media, looped infinitely. This brings a widely-used feature to a core theme which is an important step in embracing more than just images as media.

Otherwise, the theme is pretty standard. I personally like it more than Twenty Sixteen, but I still favour Twenty Fifteen for its minimalist, yet effective approach.

What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7
The Twenty Seventeen default WordPress theme in action.

Twenty Seventeen does a great job of showing off some under-the-hood features. If you head over to the Customizer in the WordPress admin, you’ll see the editing guides a welcome addition that allows you to click on what you want to modify, instead of guessing where the appropriate setting can be found.

What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7
In-place editing in Twenty Seventeen a cool new addition.

Twenty Seventeen has a host of customizations available, just to name a few highlights (from the WordPress Codex ):

Multiple sections on the front page, selected in the Customizer A striking asymmetrical grid Custom color schemes, built on top of a monochromatic foundation, and adjustable via a hue picker Different headline placement for pages, changeable in the Customizer, via theme options A great experience in many languages, thanks to language-specific font stacks SVG icons (a first for a default WordPress theme) Support for a custom logo, custom header image, and many post formats The use of new functions in Core for making child theming easier

If you’d like to customize Twenty Seventeen further, we have a great guide that’s worth bookmarking: 5 Excellent Ways to Hack the Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme .

User Experience Changes in WordPress 4.7

I’m extremely happy to see UX front-and-center, which has been a great tendency in recent WordPress development. We’ve already taken a look at the Customizer editing guides, which will take you to the controlling setting with a single click.

So what else is there in store for us?

Navigation Menu Building

I set up new test sites fairly frequently and making the menu is always a pain. My preferred method would be to map out a site structure using the menu, but until now this wasn’t really possible.

As of WordPress 4.7, you can now create a new page from the menu builder, making the site building process that much easier.

What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7
Creating a new page from the customizer Custom CSS

I’ve been waiting for a custom CSS feature to be built into core for years . Almost all premium themes contain it and we use it for most tutorials where we touch the UI. Having a custom CSS box in the Customizer at all times is a great help for everyone.

What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7
Custom CSS is a new feature in the WordPress Customizer. User-Specific Backend Language

Users can now select their preferred language. This is a great feature for websites employing an international crew. Everyone can now work in their own language, regardless of the site’s main locale.

What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7
The new user language selector feature in the WordPress admin. PDF Previews

This minor change will be a Godsend to those of us using WordPress for business purposes, perhaps even as a documentation engine or a place to store bills and other paper-based documents.

PDF previews now work just like image previews, you’ll be able to distinguish between documents a lot better from now on.

What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7
WordPress 4.7 provides PDF thumbnail previews. Minor Post Editor Changes

My favorite change in WordPress 4.7 is something very minor: the headings dropdown has been moved to the top row. In my eyes, this is the most telltale move because it shows a deep understanding of how content is created and action has been taken to make it easier.

What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7

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Previously you needed to have the additional options open to switch between headings. This has now been placed in the top bar, along with the keyboard shortcuts needed to switch heading levels.

What’s New (and Awesome!) in WordPress 4.7
Now you can select headings from the top bar of the editing area in the Post Editor. Image Search By File Name

This one has been a pet-peeve of mine for ages. Once you upload an image you can’t change the file name, yet you can’t search by filename. This glaring omission has finally been addressed and you can now find your media by filename. Yay!

Changes For WordPress Developers

Aside from numerous bug fixes, there have been a ton of additions for the developers out there.

REST API Content Endpoints

Yet more functionality has been merged into core, making the WP REST API a truly useful tool for maintaining a website, not just as a tech-demo for the future. Posts, comments, terms, users, meta, and settings have now been added to core allowing developers to do so much more right out of the box.

Take a look at the REST API Reference for more information. Custom Bulk Actions

You can now register custom bulk actions on post list pages. Beefing up the CMS aspect of WordPress is always a welcome change in my book. You can now have custom actions like sending a list of posts via email, setting a custom post status and so on, built right in.

Learn more about custom bulk actions at make.wordpress.org (and we’ll have a post about it soon, too). Post Type Templates Page templates have been available for a long time. They’ve been put to good use by developers creating media galleries, about us pages, custom front pages and m

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