Today, January 5, 2017, Ahmad Haris, the release manager of BlankOn, a Debian-based GNU/linux distribution developed by and for the Indonesian Linux community, proudly announced the release of BlankOn Linux 10.0.

Dubbed "Tambora," BlankOn Linux 10.0 is here in its final, production-ready state approximately three years after the February 2014 release of BlankOn 9.0. As expected, there are numerous improvements, but the biggest new feature of BlankOn 10.0 is the in-house built Manokwari desktop environment, which is based on the GNOME 3 shell.

Manokwari combines the latest GTK+ technologies with an html5-based frontend, which will replace GTK+ in future releases of the Linux-based operating system. It brings lots of goodies, including updated search function, new default music player, right-hand sidepanel, a weather widget, and some gorgeous new icons.

"After several years of development, BlankOn Developer proudly presents the 10th release of BlankOn Linux, codenamed "Tambora". There are lots of changes in this release, providing their own colors and support for new hardware," said Ahmad Haris. "We expected that this additional features can provide a convenience to users."

Introducing the BlankOn Installer

Another exciting new feature of the BlankOn Linux 10.0 release is the BlankOn Installer, the project's in-house built graphical installer based, again, on HTML5 technologies, with a little bit of Vala and javascript. As expected, it aims to help users easily install the GNU/Linux distribution on their personal computers.

The GNOME 3.20 Stack is used for the Manokwari desktop environment, and it looks like BlankOn 10.0 is bundled with various popular apps, among which we can mention the LibreOffice office suite. Users will also find various graphical applications for handling vector and bitmap images, music playback, and much more.

Download BlankOn Linux 10.0 .

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