Canonical informs Softpedia about their latest collaboration with ARM, industry's leading supplier of microprocessor technology, to bring the company's OpenStack and Ceph offerings to 64-bit ARM-based servers.

Canonical is the company behind the popular Ubuntu linux operating system, which is currently the leading platform for cloud, container, and scale-out computing. Ubuntu is also very popular on desktops and severs, and now Canonical's extended partnership with ARM bring it to the 64-bit ARM v8-A hardware architecture.

In other words, Canonical's Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph offerings, along with Ubuntu Advantage support, are now commercially available and supported on 64-bit ARMv8-A processors and servers by both companies, and the focus will be on direct customer use cases.

"We have seen our Telecom and Enterprise customers start to radically depart from traditional server design to innovative platform architectures for scale-out compute and storage. In partnering with ARM we bring more innovation and platform choice to the marketplace," said Mark Baker, Product Manager, OpenStack, Canonical.

"The commercial availability of Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph is another milestone that demonstrates open source software on ARM is ready for deployment now. The ARM and Canonical ecosystems can now simply write once and deploy anywhere on ARM-based servers,” said Lakshmi Mandyam, senior marketing director of server programs, ARM.

Canonical and ARM are present at the OpenStack Summit 2016

To ensure the availability in the market of production-ready storage and server platforms, as well as corresponding networking solutions, Canonical and ARM are actively and closely working with various Ubuntu-certified SoC (System on Chip) partners and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Next week, the OpenStack Summit 2016 is taking place in Barcelona, Spain, between October 25 and 28, and it looks like both Canonical and ARM will be there to showcase their latest Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph commercial offerings on ARM-based servers. Make sure you visit the Canonical's B24 booth or ARM's B29 booth for a demo.

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本文标题:Canonical Brings Its Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph Offerings to 64-bit ARM Servers

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