Composer and Packagist have fundamentally changed thephp package landscape by providing a central package registry. And a tool to easily install package listed in that registry and autoload them using PSR- 0 4. But the composer tooling can be used for more then just installing and autoloading files. We'll explore one of them in this post.

Utilizing composer's classloader to locate a class ― Cees-Jan Kiewiet's blog
Locating a file

For a project I need to parsed PHP classes and I'm using nikic/php-parser , which only accepts a string. (Fair enough it isn't it's responsibility to find a class for me.) Composer to the rescue!

Locating autoload.php

Now this is the hardest part: Locate the autoload.php file (which is just a intermediary file between you and the real autoload file). One can fairly safely assume that it is always located at vendor/autoload.php , but where that is relatively to your current file is the tricky part. In the package I'm working on the following code detects the location of autoload.php . First it tries ../vendor/autoload.php for when it is just the package, and ../../../vendor/autoload.php for when it is used in a project.

private function locateClassloader() { foreach ([ dirname(__DIR__) . DS . 'vendor' . DS . 'autoload.php', dirname(dirname(dirname(__DIR__))) . DS . 'autoload.php', ] as $path) { if (file_exists($path)) { return require $path; } } throw new RuntimeException('Unable to locate class loader'); } Locating the file we want to parse

Since we have the class loader from autoload.php we can utilize that to file a class we want to use by calling findFile , a method composer uses to a requested class for autoloading:

$classLocation = $this->locateClassloader()->findFile($classToFind);

We now have the location of the class, as found by Composer in $classLocation . Or false when it couldn't find it.

Bonus: Parsing the file

$ast = (new ParserFactory)->create(ParserFactory::PREFER_PHP7)->parse(file_get_contents($classLocation));

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本文标题:Utilizing composer's classloader to locate a class ― Cees-Jan Kiewiet's blog

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