Indicator Diskman Makes It Easy to Manage Drives & Partitions on Ubuntu

Indicator Diskman

What’s that well-known saying?

Ahh yes, you spendages waiting forone nifty littlepartition/drive mounting indicator to turn up …and then two arrive at once!

But hey, choice is what’s linux is all about, right?

Indicator Diskman

Indicator Diskman is a small panel-based indicator applet that lets you view and managemounted drives, volumes, partitions, and disc images.

Indicator Diskman ― an epic name thatreminds me of this ― is created by Tony George , whoseother work includes Conky Manager,Aptikand the Timeshift snapshot tool.

Although similar to the udisks-indicatorone we’ve beenbleating about the past few weeks, indicator-diskman hasa more utilitarian layout, one focused more on management and action than displaying information.

When installing the indicatorlets you dothe following tasks,quickly, through a menu-based layout:

Mount/Unmount drives/volumes/partitions/ISO files Lock/unlock encrypted drives/volumes/partitions Safely eject any attacheddrives/volumes/partitions/ISO files

Thedrives/volumes/partitions sub-menus show basic volume information , including mount point, name, file-system, and overall size.

One feature that’s missing, and that could come inhandy, is a terse % of how much of thedrive/volume/etc has been used.

If you’ve read this far and can’t quite grasp why you’d want to manage your mounts through a menu and not a file manager then, heck,this applet probably isn’t for you.

Conversely, if you’ve read all of the above andare now itching to install it, read on!

Install Indicator Diskman on Ubuntu

Tony’s personal package archive (PPA) contains the very latest builds of this (and his other apps) forsupported Ubuntu releases, including Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS and the most recent release, Ubuntu 16.10.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:teejee2008/ppa sudo apt update && sudo apt install indicator-diskman

If you don’t want to add a PPA to install something so small, you don’t have to. Download one of the following installers toinstall the applet using your preferred method:

Download Indicator Diskman (32-bit)

Download Indicator Diskman (64-bit)

Regardless of how youinstall the app once you have you’ll be able to launch it through the Unity Dash (or equivalent application menu).

Thanks toDavid S!

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