The Shotwell open-source image viewer and organizer has been updated recently to version 0.24.1 for the GNOME 3.22.1 desktop environment , bringing various improvements and bug fixes, as well as updated translations.

According to the internal changelog, which we've attached at the end of the article for your reading pleasure, Shotwell 0.24.1 is here to improve the Piwigo uploader, which should now longer crash and allow the creation of albums. Deprecated CSS style code has been removed, and the focus handling should work correctly when in full-screen mode.

Moreover, there's better support for the latest builds of the Vala compiler, which should improve the accessibility and Vala generic handling, and debug output features were added for Shotwell's current timezone and when shifting the day of an event. A new option in Shotwell 0.24.1 let you enable SQL debugging without the need to recompile.

Last but not least, Shotwell 0.24.1 ships with updated translations for the Czech, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Slovak languages. A couple of bugs reported by users since the previous stable update, namely Shotwell 0.24.0, have been resolved as well in this new version.

You can download the Shotwell 0.24.1 sources right now via our website if you want to compile it yourself for your favorite GNU/linux distribution or wait for the maintainers of the OS you use right now on your PC to add the new Shotwell version and then update your installation.

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本文标题:Shotwell 0.24.1 Linux Image Viewer and Organizer Improves the Piwigo Uploader

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