Microsoft is no longer offering windows 10 free of charge to Windows 7 and 8.1 users unless they completed the upgrade before July 29, but the new OS keeps growing anyway and preliminary October data shows that we’re in for a big surprise.

Windows 10 has improved so much in some select countries that it even managed to overtake Windows 7, the leading desktop operating system that’s globally installed on nearly 40 percent of PCs.

Scandinavian markets, which we’ve been monitoring for a while, are among the countries that are moving the fastest to new software and Windows 10 makes no exception.

In the first two weeks of October, Windows 10 jumped to the leading spot in Denmark, gaining a market share of 42.42 percent, according to figures provided by StatCounter. Apple’s OS X is the runner-up with 23.15 percent, while Windows 7 is only third with 20.86 percent. Ancient operating system systems such as Windows XP are nowhere to be seen in Danish stats.

Norway also loves Windows 10… and Windows 98

Similar figures come from Norway too. Windows 10 is also number one in this country with a share of 36.41 percent, while Windows 7 is second this time with 27.87 percent. OS X is third with 19.63 percent.

What’s a little bit surprising in Norway, however, is that Windows 98 has a share of 3.46 percent, so it’s either a mistake or the country loves this operating system too much for what it’s worth, Windows XP doesn’t show up in preliminary October data.

Keep in mind, however, that these are only early numbers for this month and they could change by the end of October, but nevertheless, they show that Windows 10 adoption is on the rise. Furthermore, they are living proof that there are markets where Windows 7 is collapsing at a pretty fast pace and for the moment, Microsoft has absolutely no reason not to be happy about it.

Worldwide, however, Windows 7 continues to be the leading choice on the desktop with a share that’s close to 40 percent, while Windows 10 is second with 22 percent.

Windows 10 Becomes Top Desktop OS as Windows 7 Collapses in Several Countries

Preliminary October figures for Norway

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