It’s here! windows Server 2016 General Availability! And Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop support is here TODAY.No, really, it’s a big deal.

In case you haven’t been paying attention over the last few years… a lot has happened.

Starting somewhere around 2010, the whole industry began an earnest pivot to cloud-based solutions (on-prem, public and hybrid). Embracing what we have come to know as “The Cloud” is an absolute reality for any serious business endeavor. It started as we reached the tipping point for SaaS applications like

This transition has also been driven by the huge influx of millennials into the corporate workforce and the consumerization of IT, as well asBYO and mobile device productivity increases and their secure management challenges. We’re also seeing an increased reliance on HD graphics and the resulting challenges to compute density per user costs.

Additional factors influencing demand for the Cloud include small and medium-sized business adoption of Enterprise-class IT practices, like high availability, disaster recovery, and productive mobility. Oh, and we can’t forget the basics of secure data access. And the list goes on…

Read the entire article here, Get Day One Support for Windows Server 2016 with XenApp & XenDesktop―TODAY!

via the fine folks at Citrix Systems, Inc.

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