The popular Nautilus (Files) file manager saw its first point release for the latest 3.22 series, distributed as part of the recently announced GNOME 3.22.1 desktop environment .

Yes, that's right, we're talking here about Nautilus 3.22.1, the latest, and most advanced, stable version of the file manager used in numerous GNU/linux distributions, including the very popular Ubuntu, Fedora Workstation, openSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed, Solus, and many others.

As usual, we've managed to get our hands on the internal changelog to tell you all about the improvements and bug fixes implemented in Nautilus 3.22.1, and we'll start with the numerous enhancements brought to the batch renaming and compression integration features introduced in the Nautilus 3.22 release .

Tooltips have now been added to batch rename dialog file names, along with a revealer for warnings in the batch rename dialog. Moreover, the man page was updated, the Nautilus classes have been ported to G_DECLARE* type, and it looks like the Nautilus File API was extended for regular files.

Nautilus now displays location as default for list view of Recent

Another interesting change added in the Nautilus 3.22.1 release is the ability to display location as default for list view of the Recent bookmark item. The clipboard handling saw some rework to fix the desktop <->Nautilus interaction, and it's now possible to search partial words as well using the GNOME Shell search functionality.

Last but not least, Nautilus 3.22.1 improves the position of the context menu on the Wayland display server, displays the right progress information in operations when attempting to skip files, and resolves the icons overlapping issues that occurred on some desktops, such as in Ubuntu.

The "Eject" desktop context menu item and other options are now correctly displayed for devices. If you want to install Nautilus from sources, you can download the Nautilus 3.22.1 archive right now via our website, otherwise wait for the new version to land in the stable repositories of your favorite distro before updating.

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