Today, October 14, 2016, the Wine development team announced the release of a new unstable snapshot towards the major Wine 2.0 milestone of the open-source software project that allows you to run windows apps and games on linux.

Wine 1.9.21 comes approximately two weeks after the Wine 1.9.20 development release , which introduced better support for AMD Radeon HD 6480G and Nvidia GTX 690 graphics cards, one week after the launch of the stable Wine 1.8.5 update that improved support for Microsoft Publisher 2007 and 2010, and ten days after Wine Staging 1.9.20 .

It's not a major milestone, but Wine 1.9.21 adds an initial version of the HID minidriver, support for lists in the RichEdit control, as well as various system tray improvements. Of course, there's no new Wine development release without some bug fixes, and it looks like a total of 18 issues have been resolved in today's update.

Characters are no longer invisible in The Longest Journey Demo

According to the release notes, which have been attached at the end of the article for your reading pleasure, Wine 1.9.21 development release fixes issues only for the Motocross Madness Demo, The Longest Journey Demo, and Elminage Gothic Windows games. Also, it looks like that client should no longer crash at launch.

Besides that, the Adobe Illustrator CS6, SciTE 3.5.x, Direct2D .NET example apps, eSignal 12.1, RichEdit, Hornbill Supportworks Client 7.6.0, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 14.0, and Jupiter 2011 installer Windows applications should perform much better under Wine 1.9.21.

You can download Wine 1.9.21 right now via our website, but only the sources are available, which you'll need to compile for your GNU/Linux distribution. Therefore, we recommend that you update your system to Wine 1.9.21 when the package(s) arrive in the main software repositories of your operating system.

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