IT administrators who have rolled out windows Pro for their organization are finding an unwelcome surprise from the Anniversary Update (build 1607).

The update no longer allows restricting of Windows 10 Store Apps to prevent users from installing third party apps using Group Policy. This capability is now only supported by Microsoft on Windows 10 Enterprise and Education editions.

In preventing this control of Windows 10 Store Apps, Microsoft is opening the door to more security issues since users can download apps which are not related to productivity, and very likely fall into the ‘Shadow IT’ category of uncontrolled devices and high-risk activity.

In order to completely prevent unwanted Windows Store Applications from being installed or executed in a Windows 10 Pro environment, Microsoft now suggest upgrading to the Enterprise edition, which obviously comes at an additional cost to organizations. This could stall Windows 10 Pro upgrade projects and result in migrations being postponed or even cancelled completely. Many small to medium sized businesses, which chose to take advantage of Microsoft’s free upgrade promotion to Windows 10 Pro, are not inclined to add this additional cost.

Read the entire article here, Controlling Windows Store Applications When Using Windows 10 Pro

via the fine folks at AppSense.

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