Microsoft has just released new windows 10 cumulative updates for all versions of the operating system launched so far since July 2015.

The new Windows 10 cumulative updates are KB3192440 (for RTM), KB3192441 (for 1511) and KB3194798 (for 1607/Anniversary Update) and can be installed right now via Windows Update.

The company hasn’t yet published details for these new cumulative updates, but they started showing up in Windows Update for PCs across the world and just like it happens every month, everyone is recommended to install them as soon as possible.

Cumulative updates allow users and IT admins to bring a specific system fully up-to-date by always installing the latest release, so for instance if you install any of the aforementioned patches, you get all the fixes and improvements that Microsoft released so far.

Hoping for smooth installs

And while it’s good news to see cumulative updates being released, users are also wondering whether this is just another broken set of patches or everything would go smoothly this time.

It’s no secret that cumulative updates have caused plenty of issues in the previous months and not only that many of them failed to install, but there were also cases when they led to other issues on Windows 10 computers. Microsoft has tried to provide fixes several times, but in most of the cases the workarounds didn’t actually make a difference, so users can only hope that this time everything goes smoothly.

We’ve already installed these updates on our computers here at Softpedia and for us everything completely flawlessly, but it’s also worth mentioning that we never had a problem with cumulative updates before anyway. Hopefully, the same experience would be offered to all users, as Microsoft is really struggling to make these CUs install successfully for everyone.

We’re keeping an eye out on reports that might point to possible issues and will let you know should any failed installs show up.

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